Pointing fingers at the media, that’s why

Pointing fingers at the media, that’s why

Rosanna Banffy, daughter of actor Lino Banffy, shared a photo on Instagram with her father, talking about the tumor. That’s what he said

Although confidential, Lino Banfi has opened up about the terrible illness who beat his wife Lucia. The two are united by a deep love, so much so that the actor asked Pope Francis to pray with him to make them die together.

The comedian and actor’s suffering is great, but his love for his wife is even stronger. The daughter, who is very attached to her parents, also shared a moment very important to herRemember his illness.

Lino Banfi and Lucia Zagaria met at a very young age in Canosa di Puglia and they experienced true love at first sight. The two married in 1962 and never separated, supporting each other.

A woman has always been close to her husbandBy accompanying them in his career and supporting the successes and failures without retreating. Now that she is ill, the actor must stand by her and help her.

Lucia Zagaria is actually sick Alzheimer’s diseaseAnd the Terrible neurodegenerative pathology which separates her from her husband. Lino Banfi continues to stand by her every day, joking with her about the situation and hiding behind a smile theresevere pain that you carry inside. The actor often does not talk about the situation due to the suffering it is causing him.

The two are so close that they want to die together, because “If I die first, I can’t do thatThe words strike deeply and show how powerful the feeling that unites them is.

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Two children were born from their marriage: Walter Zagaria and Rosanna Banffy. Not much is known about the son, as he is very closed to his private life. On the other hand, daughter Rosanna decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and became an actress. only she shares tumor suffering who hit her.

Lino Banfi and his daughter Rosanna and the tumor

Rosanna Banfi

Rosanna Banffy had to fight against A terrible tumor which has plagued her for years, and recently shared a memory about the disease. The actress hit a breast cancerShe underwent successful surgery. Then the woman became a certificate to raise awareness of the prevention of the disease.

Post published on Instagram Reports A picture of her and her father is 13 years oldWhen he was in the midst of cancer treatment. At the time she had accused the media of being interested in her and her career only after they found out about the disease.

“I remember at that moment when I thought:”Did I have to have a tumor to be recognized as an actress?“But as a showman I understood that she was part of the game and she used the spotlight on me to talk about prevention and to be helpful to others.”

Rosanna Banffy posted a picture of her with her father, Leno Remember his way and his struggleand continue to focus on the disease.

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