The best moments of the Gaudi Awards ceremony

Ceremony 16th Gaudi Awards He broke records: participation and talent. A night of Catalan cinema with great moments, full of emotion, demands, tears and biting humour.

The night started with the comedy duo's monologue Oh Polo. This was the first time that two presenters attended the ceremony. theAnna Polo that day Maria Rovira We've begun by reviewing the bumper and very strong crop of this year's edition: the 70 titles that represent Registration number In the history of awards.

They received Political representativesThose present and those not present. They referred to the status of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission deputy Robin WagensburgWhich the actress also remembered Carolina Yuste When Gaudí collected in Best Leading Actress For “they know it.”

Night claims

boss “creature”, Elena Martin, was one of the great winners that night. He gave one of the most passionate and vindictive speeches when he gathered Gaudí in Better direction. “It's very important Child protectionRather, protect her He does not deny desire. “It's to accompany her and validate her.”

Powerful speech by the actress Yolanda CIn which he called for more roles for racist people on the big screen

One of the outstanding challenges for Catalan cinema is Gain more viewers. Polo and Rovira highlighted this matter in another intervention at the ceremony.

The first prize winner of the night who pointed out Gaza war She was the director Estibalis orysula solago. He used his speech to capture Gaudí in Best new trend for every “20 thousand species of bees” To call for a ceasefire in the conflict.

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A celebration of harsh claims and criticism of all kinds, including feminist ones. Among the most prominent words of the presenting duo: Anna Polo I Maria Rovira:

J Bayona He also went on stage to catch Gaudí in Best European Film. He said: Our language is cinema.

Film director Rosa Verges Get the prize Honorary Gaudí – Mikel Porter 2024Awarded for the first time to a female film director.

Emotion and nostalgia

actress Carmen Eliaswhen receiving Gaudí in Best Documentary Film For the film, which tells how he lives with AAlzheimer'sShe celebrated the opportunity to do so: “I am happy to be able to explain how difficult this disease is and help so many families who may be going through the same thing.”

Actresses Maria Mullins I Mercy Ponce The Barcelona director was honored Ventura PonceWho died in early January at the age of 78. They did so with a riff from the titles of their films.

One of the most solemn moments of the 16th Gaudí Awards Remember all the names of the film sector They left us this year. the “Purple Rain” By Prince Voice Sharonthe piano Roger Santacana And the trumpetAlba Caretta It accompanied “In Memoriam”.

Original thanks from David Verdager Written by his daughter Lupe when collecting Al Gaudí Best Lead Actor for every “They know it” It was one of his most well-received speeches.

Singer and composer Guillem Gisbert He released one of his new songs for the first time, “A complete man”. New album “Bala la masurca!” It will be released on March 1.

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