The United States reduces the isolation of people without symptoms to 5 days

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reducing isolation from 10 to 5 days for those who have tested positive for Covid and are asymptomatic. “The driver of the change is the fact that science tells us that transmission occurs in the two days before symptoms and within 2-3 days afterwards,” says the CDC, and recommended that five days of isolation be followed by another five days where wearing The mask is when you are close to other people.

Reducing isolation aims to allow people who are asymptomatic to return to work early, especially those who perform jobs considered essential, says Anthony Fauci, the superior American expert in infectious diseases and adviser to President Joe Biden, stressing that the decision to reduce isolation is everything. Regardless of vaccination status it was a good choice.

The decision – which does not provide for the isolation of those who took the third dose or were exposed to the virus – comes after pressures from many economic sectors, not only that requested a review of the rules to deal with the shortage of cadres.

Immediately criticized for being deemed unsuitable for the Omicron emergency, the CDC has long been at the center of controversy for its conflicting messaging and for frequent changes to guidelines. Downtown Omicron and in the absence of testing for Covid, is the accusation, the authorities decided to ease isolation in response to pressure from hospitals, airlines and other sectors of economic activity.

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