Martina Trivelli, is Stefano Di Martino’s new flame

Martina Trivelli, is Stefano Di Martino’s new flame

She’s not a model or even an influencer. however, Martina Trivelli The most talked about girl in the past few days. The reason is easy to say: she was photographed next to it Stefano Di Martino A new farewell from his wife, Belen Rodriguez. According to the latest rumors, she is the new flame of the Rai2 host. Paparazzi caught them together on at least two occasions, enough for it not to be considered just a simple one-night flirtation. weekly from He was the first to be surprised New couple Together to have dinner in a well-known restaurant in Milan. Stefano and Martina had dinner alone, away from prying eyes, and then the couple drove to the host’s house, where the two left the next morning. Not only. And even the magazine The singer and the woman He surprised the two together on a motorcycle again during an evening they spent together that once again ended at Di Martino’s apartment. Therefore, it is not strange to talk about Martina as the new one flame Stefano.

Stefano Di Martino, who is Martina Trivelli

Not much is known about Martina Trivelli. Novella 2000 She is reported to be 26 years old and originally from Pescara, but he lived and worked in Milan for some time. Martina’s face is definitely not a familiar one. The young woman does not work on television or in social media, but rather works in the commercial department of the cosmetics company Filorga. Retail Specialist, as mentioned by the fan page. In his recent past, there are two important love stories, documented on his social channels, with the creator and the pharmacist.

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on Instagram Her small number of people following her (16 thousand followers, but no VIPs other than Di Martino’s) are still too few to be able to consider herself an influencer even if, judging from the images and lifestyle, the ambitions are precisely that. Currently, Martina enjoys temporary popularity thanks to Photographers With Stefano Di Martino, who seems to have found a bit of Belén’s past in her, given the great aesthetic similarity between the 26-year-old and the Argentine. On the other hand, the latter enjoys a newfound calm alongside Elio Lorenzoni, the Lombard car businessman, which seems to have already made her forget Stefano.

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