Lorenzo Amoroso Manila Nazzaro Partner / Child Yes, marriage? We are already family

Lorenzo Amoroso Manila Nazzaro Partner / Child Yes, marriage?  We are already family

Lorenzo Amoroso enters house Big Brother VIP 2021 For a surprise in the countryside Manila Nazarote. “Good evening everyone, how lovely to see you here. Hello my love you are so beautiful I have always said the sliding doors we had in 1999 didn’t happen by chance. You are a wonderful mother, a wonderful companion. We are moving forward, I love you and I will always love you. You are a woman My life, I believe there is a soul mate for everyone… I’ve been so lucky, so lucky, so know that I love you and will always be by your side. I love you madly.”

Alfonso Signorini defines: “Lorenzo has been quarantined for seven days to be able to hug you tonight: this is love.” Amoroso talks about his first meeting with Manila Nazzaro: “It was August and we found ourselves in the hotel where the 100 finalists for Miss Italy were selected.” (Update by Emanuel Ambrosio)

Lorenzo Amoroso: Proposal for a son and marriage in Manila from Nazzaro to GF Vape?

surprise in Big Brother VIP 2021 for every Manila Nazarote. The former Miss Italy discovers her new home in which her partner lives Lorenzo Amoroso He is preparing. “My life is completely in his hands and I can’t make a better choice, and I thank life for giving me Lorenzo” – says Manila, crying. The former Miss Italy is unaware that she will soon meet her partner after two months. A meeting that promises to be very special as the former soccer champion has undergone a smear and a seven-day quarantine in order to hug his sweetheart again. (Update by Emanuel Ambrosio)

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Lorenzo Amoroso and Manila Nazzaro: After the miscarriage tragedy, a marriage proposal for a GF Vip?

Lorenzo AmorosoCompanion Manila Nazarote, ready to enter the house Big Brother VIP 2021 Two months later, he meets his partner, who can’t wait to receive a surprise from him after receiving the video message for his birthday. In love and accomplices, the couple has overcome even the biggest pain of two people who love each other: the loss of their child. Manila Nazzaro said losing the fruits of her love to Lorenzo Amoroso was the biggest pain. Despite the heavy loss, Lorenzo and Manila did not deviate from each other, but more and more united.

In the life of the former Miss Italy, Amoroso was the breath of fresh air that came after a particularly difficult period. “If it is true that life enjoys taking away what it gives us, but life also enjoys giving us what it takes away, Manila said during the life line.

Lorenzo Amoroso, Manila Nazzaro’s boyfriend: A marriage proposal at home?

to meet his girlfriend Manila NazaroteAnd Lorenzo Amoroso It’s been a week in quarantine just as Manuel Portozzo’s father did. Will the marriage proposal arrive tonight? Yesterday, during a conversation, Aldo Montano and Lolo Selassie assumed what might happen this evening and immediately thought about the entry of Lorenzo Amoroso and his marriage proposal.

“The Pioneers,” wrote Lorenzo, who posted videos of Lulu and Lorenzo’s speech within his Instagram stories. Will the marriage proposal that Nazaru dreams about come tonight? The audience and fans of the couple are ready to dream about the wonderful love story of Lorenzo and Manila.

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