Guilt feelings by Franco Bosch

Guilt feelings by Franco Bosch

Thursday 28 July 2022on me Rai 3And the place in the sun He presents us with a double episode with a risky initiative, great guilt and an angry girl. So let’s see what happens as:

Manuela (Gina Amarante) tries to change Michaela’s mind, thus preventing her twin from leaving with the Dutch photographer she just met. In the end, in order to protect young Jimmy (Ginaro di Simone) from his mother’s countless disappointments, the girl will do something very risky. Nunzio (Vladimir Randazzo) continues to not accept the idea that Chiara (Alessandra Massi) has left and tries to contact the girl, while Franco (Pepe Zarbo) has a growing sense of guilt for not telling him he saw her at the airport. An outing at the Altieri dairy angers Speranza (Maria Sol de Mayo), who accuses Samuel (Samuel Cavallo) of not supporting her against her father.

The encounter with Fabrizio Rosato (Giorgio Borgetti) puts a flea in the ear of Marina Giordano (Nina Soldano) about her relationship with Roberto (Ricardo Polizzi Carbonelli). Lara Martinelli (Chiara Conte) continues to plan to keep Ferry attached to her. In order not to make little Jimmy feel bad, Manuela “becomes Michaela” and leaves for the holidays with Filippo (Michelangelo Tommaso), Serena (Miriam Candoro) and the kids. Prompted by Mariella (Antonella Brisco), Speranza apologizes to Samuel, but the attitude of the young man is still not completely convincing to her …

Franco and Nunzio / A Place in the Sun
Franco and Nunzio / A Place in the Sun (credits Ray)
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