Andrea Giambruno’s emotions become a situation: the reaction of Giorgia Meloni and the auditor of Striccia La Notizia

Andrea Giambruno’s emotions become a situation: the reaction of Giorgia Meloni and the auditor of Striccia La Notizia

Andrea Giambruno’s tantrums turn into a political issue. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was going to ask Forza Italia to take responsibility for the services of Stretcia la Notizia. While his companion and host was now “terrified of everything.” Everything I do becomes a subject of confusion. What bothers me most is that I sound like…” But if some parliamentarians imagine conspiracies to discredit the Prime Minister and others see a form of pressure from Mediaset behind everything, then the most popular thesis within the company is another hypothesis. That is, it is an internal maneuver. To target the host after his rise in the company that led him to host a talk show. In the meantime, Giambruno will return to “Diario del giorno” on Rete 4 today after yesterday’s break. Veltri defends him, but without mentioning Antonio Ricci’s broadcast at all.

Giampronasca newspaper

The backstories regarding Meloni exist today printing And Republic. The Prime Minister knew nothing about the first scandal, the one involving journalist Viviana Guglielmi. And the color of her blouse, which has since become the subject of internet memes. The main suspicion is that behind the videos broadcast on Berlusconi family television, there is a political operation carried out by Forza Italia. And also alleged retaliation for the time she told the Mediaset founder that she wasn’t “blackmailable.” second Republic Meloni was going to ask Antonio Tajani to explain the power outage. But Fidel Confalonieri would also be interested, while Bersilvio Berlusconi would be the subject of secret pressure. The shadow of a famous precedent returns: Striccia’s attacks on Elisabetta Toliani, wife of the then president of the Chamber, Gianfranco Fini.

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Liberty and the Auditel of Stretcia

Everyday reality He adds that Giambruno believes there is a “traitor” in the house. Anyone reported outliers to Striscia, and told Ricci where to fish among the low-frequency images available to all Mediaset. The second explosion is also the result of pressure. Meaning they would have come to avoid broadcasting it, in vain. His absence from hosting yesterday was planned, because Giambruno has been invited to moderate discussions and conferences for some time. “At Mediaset they were all victims of Striscia due to missteps and blunders,” says Biscione CIO Mauro Crippa. But I have rarely witnessed a controversy as fierce as the one against Giambruno.” But there will also be another reason behind everything: Auditel. Ricci’s broadcasts often lose to his direct competitor on Rai1.

The Cold War Within Mediaset

On Wednesday, Avari Toy achieved 22% and Stresia 16%. There is also talk of the program possibly being shut down. From this perspective, there is a debate between Ricci and Pier Silvio, complete with fossils. According to this picture, Giambruno’s revolutions are part of the war. As well as the leaders’ decision to compress the broadcast duration. They also reminded the Prime Minister of precedents. The pact between Ricci and Berlusconi (Silvio), which their children inherited: no pressure or censorship, and only the satirical news program is responsible for what Stresia publishes. Who “always did what he wanted on his show.” Indeed, if they had asked him to attack someone, he would have refused.” From Berlusconi, who explained to Barbara D’Urso the questions that should be asked of him, to Tajani himself and Rocco Buttiglione, who tried to build alliances during the advertisements, through Fini, Guido Crosetto and Matteo Renzi.

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Veltri’s defence

Emilio Fede’s explosions on Tg4 were also famous. While Giambruno defended himself in private by claiming that the film was “brilliantly cut.” Meanwhile on Newspaper Veltri, in response to a letter from a reader, takes up her defence. He says the press has a “sick interest” in the prime minister’s partner that sometimes turns into “persecution.” Then: “So what did Giambruno say that was so compromising? He said “fuck” during an off-air episode. Who among us does not use similar expressions every day whether at home or in the office? I do it every day, but I don’t consider myself a bad person because of it.” Throughout the response Veltri never mentioned Stresia. On the other hand, as Fiorello said yesterday, is there always a divorce on a bad day?

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