Aquarius is more rational and thoughtful

Aquarius is more rational and thoughtful

L ‘Horoscope for the week from 16 to 22 May see one Balance He fought in love trying to catch up, while he was so good Sun at twins It will give tender and romantic moments, especially from Thursday. Aquarius It will be more rational and thoughtful especially in the workplace, while Sagittarius He will feel strong and free to show his feelings. Let’s see in detail the predictions forhoroscope map The week of May 16-22.

Horoscope predictions for the period from 16 to 22 May 2022 sign by sign

Aries: It’s going to be a fun week overall in terms of feelings.

Venus will be on your side again, ready to give you strong feelings with the people you love. If you are single, do not be afraid to fall in love, because this period may bring you many surprises. On the professional front, Jupiter will be with you until November, so you can plan long-term projects that can be very successful. vote – 8 ️⃣

ox: A star image probably won’t have much to offer you in love, so think of the few stars that influence you. However, according to next week’s horoscope predictions, you will still be able to feel comfortable with the people you love. Pay attention only on weekends, when the moon is square.

At work, Mars in sextile will be very useful, but you need to be patient enough to wait for the perfect opportunity for your projects. vote – 8 ️⃣

twins: The week may not get off to a good start due to the opposite moon. Fortunately, the situation tends to improve as of Wednesday evening. Indeed, in love, the warm and bright sun will make you more tender and romantic towards the people you love, but above all more understanding.

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As for the work of Mercury and Jupiter, it will be very important to carry out some of the important projects that you are considering. vote – 7 ️⃣

cancer: Astral predictions still see difficulties in love. Especially Thursdays and Fridays will not be satisfying as far as matters of the heart are concerned.

On the professional front, some projects will be your priority at the moment, but in this period, when the stars aren’t on your side, it’s best not to get stuck on some projects that can be very complicated to implement. vote – 6 ️⃣

Lion: The sky that stays on your side according toYour horoscope from May 16 to 22. From an emotional point of view, Venus will make you feel loved and appreciated by your partner, and if you are single, you may feel closer to the person you love. But be careful on the weekends, because the moon may disturb you a bit. As for working on some projects, you will have to prove that you have the skills and competencies, but with Jupiter and Mercury on your side, you have nothing to fear.

vote – 8 ️⃣

Bakr: The Moon in Sagittarius may cause you some problems at the beginning of the week. Fortunately, the situation will improve in the following days, but you still do not expect big things from your love life, whether you are single or not. On the professional front, it’s best not to risk too much for now, considering that Mercury will be in quadrature. vote – 6 ️⃣

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Balance: The emotional sphere remains unsatisfactory for the next week depending on the horoscope. Wednesdays and Thursdays will not be very romantic due to the square moon. A little better in the workplace thanks to Mercury and Saturn in trine, however, the pursuit of excellence is probably very demanding.

vote – 6 ️⃣

The scorpion: All in all a stable period with regard to matters of the heart. Single or not, with the right attitude you may be able to get the attention of the person you like. However, if you want to conquer, then the weekend is not the right period, as the moon may put you in difficulty. At work, Mars makes you more combative and determined, and with a little luck you can reach your goals. vote – 7 ️⃣

Sagittarius: Favorable emotional sphere according to the predictions of the horoscope for the coming week. Odd or not, with Venus and Moon on a good side, the coming period will be really full of emotions for you citizen of the sign. As for work, the period will not be full of ideas to exploit, and in fact with the opposite Mercury you will have to be able to avoid some unexpected events.

However, this does not mean that there will be no satisfactory. Indeed, Jupiter will give you a hand from Aries, but you will have to commit to getting good results from your projects. vote – 8 ️⃣

Capricorn: This week, the moon will be by your side between Wednesday and Friday. Take advantage of this period to try to make up for the love, whether it’s singular or not. On the professional front, Mars and Uranus will be your allies, so with the right commitment you can achieve satisfying results after all. vote – 6 ️⃣

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Aquarium: The emotional sphere full of magic for the next week. Venus will be in a sexy position from Aries, while the Moon will be in good positions.

Whether you are single or not, this would be a good time to give extra affection to the people you love. On the business front, you will have everything you need to better manage your projects and achieve success, also thanks to a more thoughtful and rational attitude on your part. vote – 8 ️⃣

fish: The first few days of the week will leave something to be desired when it comes to feelings. However, in the second part of the week, you will be able to enjoy a better sky, and share feelings and emotions with the people you love the most. In the workplace, you can count on Mars and Uranus, but do not expect great results. vote – 7 ️⃣

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