The legend of the movie L'home dels nassos starring Pablo Derki and Evan Bennett arrives in cinemas – La Manyana

The legend of the movie L'home dels nassos starring Pablo Derki and Evan Bennett arrives in cinemas – La Manyana

The legend of “The Man with the Nose,” starring Pablo Derque and Evan Bennett and directed by Abigail Schaaf, hits theaters on Friday. Also noteworthy is the premiere of the horror film “Cuando acecha la maldad” by Demián Rugna, which received the Best Film award at the 56th Sitges Film Festival. In terms of platforms, 3Cat is premiering “Jo mai mai” and Disney+, “Cristóbal Balenciaga,” a series about the famous fashion designer.

“The man with the nose”

Pablo Derque, Evan Bennett, Sally Diallo, Miranda Moné and Luc Miravet star in the wonderful film “L'home dels nassos”. The film takes place in the winter of 1968 in a small mountain town. Three children try to escape from the Nose Man, a mythical being who captures lying children on the last day of the year. But they are not the only ones who fear him: the scent of the lies of the past can also be smelled. Abigail Schaaf is responsible for directing the feature film in Catalan.

“When evil lurks”

The film that won the Best Film Award at the 56th Sitges Film Festival is coming to cinemas. “Cuando acecha la maldad” by Demián Rugna is a supernatural thriller about exorcism. In a remote village, two brothers discover a man infected with evil forces about to give birth to a demon. Desperate to prevent evil from entering their peaceful world, the brothers will discover a terrible truth: they are too late.

Argentinian director Demian Rogna, a keen follower of the horror genre, wanted to make a film that offered a different look at those possessed by a demon that could become corporeal within a human. Result: “When Evil Haunts.” In statements to ACN, the director points out that this is a “raw and raw story,” but adds, “It is not a film that is satisfied with impact, but it wants to tell an entertaining story.”

Rogna wanted to present a new look at the character of the possessed. He points out that when you watch a movie with a possessed person, there's always a girl or boy who says he's going to kill you and talks the whole time and wants to do something different. “I believed that (the devil) could become physically inside a person physically, beyond just occupying his head.”

“Anyone but you”

“Cualquiera menos tú” by Will Gluck is a romantic comedy based on the story of Ilana Wolpert. Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell play a seemingly perfect couple. After an amazing first date, something happens that dulls their strong attraction, until they meet unexpectedly at a wedding in Australia. From there, they will pretend to be a couple.

“area of ​​interest”

The Grand Prix of the Cannes Jury “Zone of Interest” arrives in cinemas. Directed by Jonathan Glazer, the film shows Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoss and his wife Hedwig as they strive to build a dream life for their family in a house with a garden near the concentration camp.


Aaron Piper, Maria Pedraza and Luis Tosar are the protagonists of Daniel Calparasoro's latest film “El correo”. This black comedy based on true events is set in 2002. Ivan is an ambitious young man from Vallecas, the neighborhood is too small for him. From valet parking on a golf course in Madrid, the Belgian Post Office has become an international organization dedicated to money laundering. Ivan will start transporting suitcases to Brussels and Geneva. However, black money flows from the Costa del Sol. Construction entrepreneurs, corrupt politicians, bankers, athletes or the Chinese mafia. The protagonist wants his share of the cake.

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Elena teaches dance while Dovydas works as a sign language interpreter. The moment they meet, a beautiful bond is created between them. But the relationship will be tested when Dovydas confesses to Elena that he has romantic feelings for her, but is asexual. – Does not feel or experience sexual desire for anyone else. This is the argument of the film “Slow” by director Maria Kavtaradze.

“Journey to the desert”

Premiere of the film “Journey to the Desert” in Catalan. The film, directed by Margarethe von Trotta, focuses on the exceptional and charismatic personality Ingeborg Bachmann, who conquered the world of German literature. He will meet the famous playwright Max Frisch. The couple has a passionate love affair but professional and personal frictions begin to disturb the harmony. When the heroine faces problems, her friends help her. Together they will go to the desert where Ingeborg will find her way back to herself and her writing.

“Happy 50!”

Eric Lavigne directs the comedy “¡Felices 50!”, starring Lambert Wilson, Frank Dubosc, and Guillaume de Tonquedec. Eight years have passed for the characters in Barbacoa de amigos, which Lavigne also directed. Now, the heroes wanted to celebrate Eve's 50th birthday in Greece, but in the end it would be at a palace in Brittany. However, they will have a drawback, namely the rain, which will test the nerves of the group of friends.

'Noah's ship'

The animated film “Noah's Ark” directed by Alois de Leo, Sergio Machado and Rene Vio was released. The film follows two mice: poet Vinnie and guitarist Tom. When the global flood comes, only one male and one female of each species are allowed to board Noah's Ark. The two mice manage to get into the ark and will try to survive.

“Iris Flower Shop”

After a 10-year absence, an Israeli swimming teacher living in Chicago returns to Israel to bury his father. A reunion with a dear childhood friend and his new partner will set off a chain of events that will impact the lives of all three. This is the plot of La floristeria de l'Iris, directed by Ofir Raúl Grazer, which arrives in cinemas on Friday in Catalan.


Director Diego Visentini presents the immigration drama “Simon.” A young Venezuelan student leader is arrested and tortured during protests in Venezuela in 2017. He flees the country and seeks asylum in Miami. But the US Immigration Service tells him that if the petition is approved, he will not be able to return to his country. The protagonist will have to decide whether to start a new life or return to his country to fight for freedom.

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“California Kidnapping Nightmare” on Netflix

On January 17, the platform premieres the documentary mini-series “California Kidnapping Nightmare” about a young couple who claim their home has been broken into and kidnapped, but the police don't quite believe their story.

Two days later, Netflix premieres the second season of the Emmy Award-winning documentary series “Love on the Autistic Spectrum,” dedicated to a diverse and unique group searching for love. Also premiering on January 19 will be El Legado, a series about a woman who inherits a graveyard from an uncle she doesn't know.

“This is too ambitious.” The series arrives on Movistar Plus+

“This is overly ambitious” arrives on January 22 on Movistar Plus+. Series'. After the success of the album El Madrileño, C.Tangana faces the challenge of creating the most ambitious tour of his career and revolutionizing the concept of a live show. The series is also a journey that follows the artist for more than four years, starting from the creation of the album, visualization of the show, negotiations, rehearsals, concerts or celebrations, and more. An episode will be released every Monday until the three episodes that make up the series are completed.

On the other hand, on January 18, Galgos will premiere with a double episode. The series features Adriana Osiris, Oscar Martinez, Marcel Porras, Patricia Lopez or María Pedraza, among others. Carmina Sommarripa and Emilio Sommarripa are the heirs of the Galgo Group, a family company specializing in chocolate and baby food. There are various factors that make the company not experience its best moment, a situation that will force Carmina to choose between saving the company or her family.

Jason Momoa stars in new docu-series called 'On the Roam'

Actor Jason Momoa travels across the United States to meet extraordinary people who are forging their own path. In this documentary series, in addition to exploring the beauty of the landscape, the protagonist focuses on a whole series of people who inspire him, such as craftsmen, motorcycle manufacturers, musicians or athletes. On the Roam premieres January 18 on HBO Max.

Starting January 21, the third season of the series La Brea arrives on the platform, starring Natalie Zea and Jon Seda, which narrates an inexplicable event in Los Angeles, where a large hole infects part of the population of one of the city's neighborhoods, who end up waking up… In a primitive world where they will have to fight to survive.

Prime Video presents a new animated show: “Hazbain Hotel”

“Hazbain Hotel” arrives next January 19 on Prime Video. This is an interesting musical comedy animation film signed by the famous production company A24. The story revolves around Charlie Morningstar, daughter of Lucifer and Princess of Hell, who wants to realize a seemingly impossible dream: to open a hotel with the aim of rehabilitating sinners.

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Comedy-drama “Chorus Girls” at Filmin

This comedy-drama follows the lives of eight female dancers as they struggle to survive in a sexist workplace. By supporting each other they find the strength to keep going. Ditty Hansen or Louise Merritt, among others, star in the series that will arrive on January 23 at Filmin.

A series about the famous designer Cristobal Balenciaga

“Cristóbal Balenciaga” comes to Disney+ on January 19, a drama series that brings to life the life and legacy of the Spanish creative who became one of the most iconic fashion designers of all time. Created by Lourdes Iglesias, it depicts this mysterious man – played by Alberto San Juan – who had an exceptional talent who challenged the social norms of the time to revolutionize the world of fashion. The cast also includes Belén Cuesta, Josiane Bengoetxea, Cecilia Solagüren, and Adam Quintero.

Meanwhile, starting today the platform includes “The Artful Dodger”, a bold continuation of Oliver Twist that explores the adult double life of the famous prince of thieves. The film takes place in Australia in 1850, turning the quick fingers of a pickpocket into the skilled fingers of a surgeon. Naturally, his past comes back to haunt him with the arrival of Fagin, who attempts to lure him back into the world of crime.

Also arriving on Wednesday, January 17 are The Creator, a sci-fi action film, and the second season of Siempre fui yo.

Premiere of 3Cat's “Jo mai mai”, a new young adult novel with Claudia Riera and Mikey Nunez

Premiering next January 22, 3Cat is “Jo mai mai,” a new youth fantasy series with Catalan-language music as the protagonist. This fantasy, starring Claudia Riera and featuring Mikey Nunez among the cast, addresses issues that affect young people, such as bullying, gender identity, addiction, social media abuse, and mental health.

The eight-episode production is created by Uri Garcia and Mark Roma, and written by Sergei Bombermayer. “Go My May” is a series about the discovery of emotions, the need for fun, fear and friendship among a group of young people during summer camps that they will never forget.

On the other hand, starting tomorrow, the first episode of the new documentary series “Primary Stories”, which narrates the special relationship that exists between healthcare professionals and CAP users, will be available on the platform. Through unpublished interviews, he provides a fairly accurate radar of the physical and mental health of many Catalans.

This is the proposal that was filmed in Barcelona, ​​Badalona, ​​Castelldefels, Sant Cugat del Valles, Navas, Balsarini, Sort, Bretoil, Montardet de Dalt, Fenipre, La Torre de Español, Lloret de Mar, Girona and Santa Coloma de Varniers and Lleida. Each chapter is between 40 and 45 minutes long and includes about four different locations.

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