It’s the same Land Rover but Chinese and costs a lot less: everyone wants the new off-roader now

It’s the same Land Rover but Chinese and costs a lot less: everyone wants the new off-roader now

Have you always wanted a Land Rover but the prices are too high? Don’t worry, here comes the alternative from Asia that you never thought existed, the cost is really interesting.

Some cars are the forbidden dream of millions of drivers but few of them manage to buy them at the end of the game. Example above all Land Rover vehicles Which, despite some unflattering reviews from consumers, remains among the most sought-after SUVs for those who obtain their driver’s license and dream of traveling in a vehicle characterized by extremely luxurious accessories.

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However, the British company charges a high price for its cars, which is definitely not suitable for the first person who comes along. to Buying a Range Rover For example, you need a good and strong bank account even if you are using a loan or paying in installments. However, the same cannot be said for many foreign cars that follow the same model lines in a “deceptive” way but at a decidedly lower cost.

Today we will see a car very similar to it Leading car The English company even if we cannot talk about plagiarism, since we are about to discover that the cars are very different except for the aesthetic aspect. So let’s find out the Chinese alternative to Land Rover and, above all, why this car can make your dream come true even without the green logo on the hood.

Two drops of water

The most interesting thing to know about him Columns 01, the new SUV from the almost unknown Chinese company that is also targeting the Italian market, is that it was designed by Pininfarina, effectively removing any doubts about possible plagiarism. The designer did his best to create a convincing product with a strong and muscular appearance. In fact, the car looks huge and luxurious.

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First images of Polestones 01 (YouTube) –

Under the hood of the car We find the hybrid powertrain This ensures a power of 476 horsepower, guaranteed by a pair of electric motors and a thermal motor that provides the energy needed to start the car. Despite its mass of more than five meters, the car has an impressive range, and with a full charge the range can exceed 1,300 kilometers with all engines running.

According to the house’s directors, the inspiration for the medium comes from Chinese popular culture: “The car was born from the character Shi, which means rock in ancient Chinese.”. certainly, The median is correct This name is due to its appearance and excellent off-road performance. However, cost is the car’s strong point, as its price, at least so far, is €45,000, which is nothing for a luxury SUV!

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