GSK, Vaccine Science Centre. “This is how Siena became the capital”

GSK, Vaccine Science Centre.  “This is how Siena became the capital”

Siena, October 20, 2023 – Achille Sclavo appears in 3D sitting in his original office, thematic areas containing testimonies of the time period and evocative images, multimedia visions, an alcove for making virtual trips to laboratories, electron microscopes for studying very small toys, and even Interactive. Don’t call it a museum. The definition raises the eyebrows of all GSK managers. Starting with CEO Ennio Di Gregorio. The “Center for Vaccine Science of Siena” was inaugurated yesterday in one of the many spaces on the Science Hill, which Achille Sclavo chose in 1904 as the headquarters of his centre. Tuscan Institute for Serotherapy and Vaccines, a symbol, an open door, for the city, for young people and for everyone who wants, on the history of science. Vaccines in particular, which in times of epidemics and new infectious diseases have become a totem, must be loved or destroyed by certain sectors.

The words of GSK CEO De Gregorio effectively sum up the meaning of the Vaccine Center: “Why are we opening our castle of science in the city? We intend to talk about the Siena site and the Russia site. We want to explain to the community why we are proud of what we do. Vaccines are the most effective measure To combat and eliminate infectious diseases. We saw that against Covid: without them we would not have come out of lockdown and we would have paid much higher costs for the pandemic. Unfortunately, the impact that vaccines can have is not fully exploited due to the prevailing climate of mistrust in minority sectors of society. That’s why we show how it’s done, also to remove any doubt.”

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It is difficult to think of an “anti-vaxxer” entering the new centre, and it is easier to assume that if many children and young people visit those rooms and play with microscopes and ophthalmoscopes, when they grow up they will not believe the dangerous nonsense of microchips in vaccine syringes or conspiratorial genetic manipulation. GSK Vaccines He made sure that all institutions attended the inauguration ceremony. Everyone was there, from the regional health advisor Simone Pezzini to the municipal councilors Michele Capitani and Lorenzo Lori, to Donata Medaglini, delegate of the Rector, Carlo Rossi and Marco Forti, leaders of the MPS Foundation, and Giuseppe Gugliotti, mayor of the city. Sofisil, the region in which JESK Russia is located. Renault Rapoli could not be missing, for more than 40 years of scientists and company CEOs in Via Fiorentina, from Sclavo to Chiron, from Novartis to GlaxoSmithKline, who first had the idea of ​​the center. Nor Fabrizio Landi and Andrea Paolini, President and Director of the Tls Foundation.

More than just distinguished guests, the Vaccine Science Center is a “medallion” on the chest of GlaxoSmithKline executives. From Lorenzo Tarle to Duccio Mattei, passing Anna Brugnola He revealed “trips to visit other scientific museums before opening the center. The goal was to spread the culture of vaccinology, and to open this castle, which had remained compulsory closed for decades for health and scientific reasons, for the city and the youth.” People and try to entertain them by educating them about electron microscopes, observations and studies about the infinitely small.”

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For no marketing or promotional purposes, the Vaccine Science Centre, entrusted to the Achille Sclavo Foundation and led by former employees, wants to tell the unique story of the city that has become The vaccine capital of the world. Starting with Achille Sclavo, through Albert Sabin and the polio vaccine, all the way to Raboulli and all the scientists and managers who fueled the myth and growth of the Science Hill.

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