Prior to La Scala 2021, Verdi’s Macbeth play was staged. The plot, the singers and how to see it: that’s all you need to know

Only after rehearsals did the artists remove the masks. But keep the distance. Glimpses, movements, surprise effects: what tricks a direction David Livermore He made it so that in Giuseppe Verdi’s Macbeth, the opening title of the La Scala season, all this is invisible? “Theatre is made of tricks, it is a constant overcoming of obstacles and a search for solutions.”

Livermore, at its fourth opening ceremony at the Milan Opera Temple, already knows the audience won’t even notice. Spaces, masks, disinfectants, do not change the comma. December 7 At 6 pm in La Scala in Milan there will be the real theater. Not just where vibrations from booths, from chests, and from galleries will come directly into the heart of Macbeth and the Lady, which is shared with the orchestra, the choir, and with the entire staff. But also those in which the energy of the artists will reach the audience from the stage. Because dealing with rules and difficulties is theater. His film Macbeth, directed by Ricardo Chile, is contemporary, cinematic, and dreamlike. But above all, after the 2020 edition without spectators, it is alive.

The four aces of opera in the main roles – Adults performing at the Piermarini . Theater opera starsRequired by all opera houses in the world. the hero of the story, Luca Salsi, is the champion of Verdi’s repertoire. He has already conquered Ernani’s Scaligero crowd and will return to La Scala in season as Renato in A Masquerade Ball. From Parma, born in 1975, has been nicknamed “Super Baritone” since he replaced him Placido Domingo In the afternoon show of Ernani in Metropolitan New York a quarter of an hour from the start. That same evening, he worked, as scheduled, at Lucia de Lammerour. Anna NetrebkoRussian is the most famous soprano of our time. For her, Macbeth considers this “very special: visual effects, scene changes, even dance”. Lady Macbeth will be troublesome. “We also worked on the constant search for the bell in order to bend its vocal beauty to the unpleasant and fatal aspects of the lady,” explains Ricardo Chile. Content Francesco MeliGenoese is Macduff. In Verdi’s eighth character in La Scala, in 2005 the theater season opened at the age of only 25
Carlo Felice of Genoa in Don Giovanni di Livermore. In the end Eldar Abdul Razakov, as Banco, gifted with great sound technology and scenic characteristics.

Presentation: Cinematic, Contemporary, Dreamlike – Strength, its birth and decline. its strength and fragility. At the center of the trend of David Livermore, with the help of his art team, Gio Forma for collections, Gianluca Valaci for fashion, and D-Walk for the video segment, Antonio Castro for the spotlights, human ambitions. This never changes. A parade of shrines of wealth and control of the big capitals. A city whose perspectives multiply and are reflected as in the movie its origins by Christopher Nolan. They are pictures of the lost soul between
Skyscraper skyline. There is a maze idea. There are many references to the classics of 20th century architecture and a tribute to Milanese architect Piero Portaluppi. Even contemporary fashion, following the Milanese creativity trends of the past decades to wear fancy clothes, it is monochromatic for the public.

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Daniel Izralov: From rock to opera, dance spans multiple worlds – The choreography was designed by eclectic Daniel Izralov, a historical dancer for Momix and then founder of Iso. Leading actor in films directed by Wertmuller and Bellocchio, Sanremo and Amici’s first name, but also pop and rock greats like David Bowie, Sting and U2.

Direction of Ricardo Chile: Macbeth dies on stage – David Lawton’s 1865 edition, selected by Ricardo Chile, relives the death of Macbeth (“Mal per me che m’affidai”) from the first version in a pergola in Florence in 1847. and the theater Luca Salsi.” Who jokes and thanks him for making him die on stage. Macbeth’s performance concludes the track Chile wanted: from his youthful years Verdi to the composer’s first encounter with Shakespeare, has been the inspiration for the latest works of Nebrito by Poetto, Otello and Falstaff.The Youth trilogy that began in 2015 with Joan of Arc, continued in 2018 with Attila and now with Macbeth, on theatrical script by Francesco Maria Piaf and Andrea No Shakespeare.

Lady Macbeth: The Dark Lady of the English Poet – The manipulator as told by Shakespeare isHeroin in the negative. Cruel but also a victim of herself. Macbeth from a brave warrior turns into a killer. He acts and leads atrocities. But her story is dramatic. Now that she is a queen, she cannot achieve the hoped-for peace. As a sleepwalker, she lets all the evil that lurks in her soul flow out. He rubs his hand, trying to erase the spot for the crime he feels responsible for. His consciousness in the night delirium shows with clarity and absurd rudeness (“Who would have thought that the old man had so much blood in his body?”).

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Verdi: “I want a harsh, muffled, dark voice for the lady” – In a famous letter from 1848 to the songwriter Salvatore Camarano Verdi, she wrote of Eugenia Tadolini, who sings to my Lady in Naples: “Tadolini sings perfectly and I wish the Lady would not sing. Tadolini has a great voice, clear, pure and powerful: I would like a harsh, muffled and dark voice in the Lady “. On the eve of the premiere of the 1865 Paris version, Verdi refers again to the prose describing the sleepwalking performance of one of the nineteenth century’s greatest actresses, Adelaide Ristre: “Anyone who has seen Ristry knows that very few gestures have to do. Makes, in Indeed, only one, that is, to erase a speck of blood … “. And here we are, back to Chile’s work with soprano Anna Netrebko. to the dramatic differences in sound. Wicked, sad. Noir.

premiere on rai – Macbeth proposed by Ray Kaltura Live exclusively on Rai1 starting from 17.45. Television directed by Arnalda Canale, and the two leaders are Mille Carlucci and Bruno Vespa. It also broadcasts live on Radio3, on Rai1 HD 501 and on RaiPlay, and has a crew of 50 including photographers, microphone players, and audio and video technicians. In the field 13 high-definition cameras, 45 microphones in the orchestra pit and on stage, 11 radio microphones intended for soloists will be used for stereo broadcasting and live commentary on Radio3, with surround sound for cinema and television.

First broadcast and preview under 30 years old – The first spread, a veritable festival in which the municipality of Milan accompanies the city in the previous week with performances, readings, meetings and exhibitions dedicated to work, which include venues and spaces in the city. On December 7, Macbeth is broadcast live in many places in nine municipalities in Milan and also in the metropolitan region. (Here is all the information). Also this year, it premiered on December 4th at 6pm by preview for audiences under 30. The initiative, launched in 2008, allows all young people under the age of 30 to purchase a ticket for the season’s inaugural show at a price of 24 euros.

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First on social media – La Prima also every year Social media, with the hashtag #primascala. La Scala Theater, 420,513 followers on Facebook, 293,876 on Instagram
and 308402 on Twitter, are among the most followed Italian cultural institutions on social media. To mark Macbeth’s premiere, the stage was also featured on Tik Tok, which has just launched the hashtag #classicalmusic and launched its new #dietrolequinte starting December 4.

the plot – Chapter 1 – Macbeth and Banquo, generals of the army of the King of Scotland, Duncan, upon returning from a brave battle, meet witches in the woods, who predict their future. Macbeth will be lord of Cawdor and later King of Scotland. While Banquo’s offspring will prevail. The king’s messengers arrive and tell Macbeth that he has become master of Cawdor. So one of the prophecies came true. When Lady Macbeth learned of this, she incited him to kill the king. At night the killing takes place.

Chapter Two – Duncano’s son Malcolm is blamed for the crime, and forced to flee to England. Meanwhile, Macbeth became king. But he will also have to kill Banquo and his son Fleenzio, at the prompting of his wife, to prevent the second part of the witches’ prophecy from being fulfilled. Fleanzio will be able to escape while Banco will die. Only after that appears to him as a ghost during a banquet.

Chapter Three – Macbeth returns to question the witches but the response is ambiguous. He will remain King of Scotland until the Forest of Berman moves against him and no one born of a woman can do him any harm. Lady Macbeth also convinces him to get rid of Macduff, who along with Malcolm is gathering an army against his kingdom.

Chapter 4 – The enemy army comes in secret and advances, hiding behind the branches gathered in the Berman Forest. Mrs. Macbeth delirium. At night she roams asleep trying to wipe the blood of crime from her hand. The awareness of her murder that she was the mastermind of does not abandon her. Macbeth will die at the hands of Macduff, who came into the world with an abnormal birth. This is where this prophecy comes in as well.

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