Teo Teocoli, The sad ordeal of illness: how is it today

Teo Teocoli, The sad ordeal of illness: how is it today

Teo Teocoli is a television personality who made history in the Italian entertainment world. He has a respectable career, boasting of cooperating with colleagues of great depth.

Unfortunately it disappeared from circulation without notice. Fans have always asked why and after 20 years they can see clearly. His words did not go unnoticed.

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Born in Taranto on February 25, 1945, Teo Teocoli is an artist in all respects: Comedian, Impersonator, Comedian, Singer, Television Host and Theater Director. His debut came as a teenager when he performed as a rock and roll singer in the clubs of the Lombard capital. Subsequently, he debuted as a cabaret artist in the Milan derbies with Massimo Poldi Since then he has amassed a string of successes to lead the fifty San Remo Festival with Fabio Fazio And the Luciano Pavarotti.

In 2000 he returned to work for mediaset Leadership paper with Natalia Estradaand then Jokes aside with a rookie Michelle Hunziker. For a while it disappeared from circulation, so the Italian public started asking questions. At first I had chosen silence, but A.J sunday to I decided to talk to the matter Mara Venere.

The truth after 20 years

At one point she had to cancel and host several plays and contract with a television set. In short words He is dealing with an illness The severity of the situation is unknown. In the interview with Mara Venere She said she had been battling this disease for many years and returned in 2019.

on me Facebook He also posted a video of him talking directly to his fans: “I am sorry for the evenings that will be sadly missed, but the solidarity of great goodness. Almost 20 years of the series broke without a hitch, This time there was. is happening. Thank you all anyway.”. Fortunately he is fine now.

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Curiosities about Teo Teocoli

Teo Teocoli also ventured into other TV adventures which he took up with enthusiasm in 2014, for example, he took part in Dancing with the stars with Millie Carlucci paired Natalia Titova. He was forced to retire after three episodes due to physical problems.

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In 2016 he performed with Amadeus program next year opinion 1 And in 2021 he participated in zellige with his personality Said Caccamo. He had three daughters with his wife Elena: Ana Adele Letizia, Paola, and Chiara. Not much is known about his wife. After all, she does not like to expose herself to her husband.

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