WhatsApp is chasing Telegram | The most awaited job arrives

WhatsApp is chasing Telegram |  The most awaited job arrives

WhatsApp is a service that does not need much introduction, as it is one of the most widely used instant messaging applications in the world, with more than 2 billion active users, according to estimates dating back to 2020. But on the other hand, Telegram’s competition has always kept the Meta service on its toes!

WhatsApp vs. Telegram, the never-ending challenge

Did Telegram arrive first?

The moment one is born Great innovationIt is logical to think that those who try to build on this innovation will reach out, propose their own version of it, and try to improve all the aspects that do not seem to be working properly. It is one of the principles Market and competitionwhich allows for continuous improvements to new inventions.

This is a little bit of what happenedThe clash between WhatsApp and Telegram.
WhatsApp was born in 2009, DrThe idea of ​​two former IT company developers Hey ho It immediately proved so successful that it catalyzed the Meta Entrepreneurship Group, led by… Mark Zuckerberg, To integrate WhatsApp, to make it a complementary service to Facebook and Instagram.

WhatsApp immediately starts enjoying success and representation An economical and practical alternative to SMS messages, The only method used by cell phone owners to send text messages, which is more of an inconvenience than anything else, Given its non-trivial cost Especially for long and detailed conversations, as well as the various restrictions they brought with them such as the few characters allowed.

However, in 2013, the Russian businessman, such pavel durov, He makes a decision: to create his own instant messaging service, if at all It is very reminiscent of WhatsApp As a feature, it quickly became more than just a viable alternative, offering a series of services that WhatsApp would only offer months or even years later.

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Telegram has become a phenomenon for all enthusiasts Telephone and instant messaging. The service is fast, interactive and very undemanding in terms of functionality: in addition to the basic functions of sending text messages, Telegram also allows you to send photos and videos without undergoing various pressures that might distort their nature.

Obviously, it allowed sending voice notes, like WhatsApp, and before Meta thought about it, it introduced the ability to make voice and video calls, To become the first real alternative to phone services.

Telegram also introduced some features that made it very identifiable, such as channels. How does WhatsApp respond?

WhatsApp offers channels like Telegram?

Application icons
WhatsApp in pursuit

Apparently, the WhatsApp stalking continues Features offered by Telegram. It has already happened in the past that the company belonging to the Meta group was strongly inspired by the functions that were first introduced by Pavel Durov’s instant messaging service. But now it seems that WhatsApp’s attention is focused on that One of the functions that has made Telegram more popular over the years.

In fact, it seems, according to rumors leaked on the web, that WhatsApp is ready to introduce the Channels functionality. but What are the channels on Telegram?

This is the function that allows creating chat rooms, Which can be public or private, and which you can register for freely. Therefore, the creator of the relevant channel will be able to use it to send a message to an audience of people who are there So you don’t miss any call.

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It is a system that is highly used by YouTubers, streamers, influencers or By anyone who has one Quite a large fan base, Always remaining in more or less direct contact with it, being able to decide whether or not to start discussions or debates, thanks to the various functions offered by the channel, but basically, Helps with direct communications. You can subscribe to the channel of the person you want to follow, and every time a message or update is published, the subscriber will receive it immediately without intermediaries.

Hence, WhatsApp aims to provide such functionality.
This would not be the first experiment by Meta in this regard, since similar functionality has been introduced On Instagram with broadcast channelswhich allows essentially the same functionality and which influencers are increasingly using.

Now it’s WhatsApp’s turn: The official announcement of the introduction of the function arrived a few days ago, which was already hinted at in June but only in the form of a beta test and only in a few regions of the world. Now there is talk of proliferation In more than 150 different countries.

What we know now is that You can subscribe to as many channels as you want, They can Filter channels Based on country or activity level, to instantly identify the most active and responsive people. You will be able to have minimal interaction with channel admins, and you will be able to post messages React with emojis to their messages.

with regard to Channel owners What we know at the moment is that it will be possible for them to edit sent messages up to a limit 30 days, Before the platform deletes it from its servers. Moreover, in the coming months it will be possible for anyone to create their own channel.

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If you don’t see the job yet Allows you to create channels, Don’t worry, it will reach all smartphones with upcoming app updates.

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