The ultimate supplement for cleaning smartphones and computers

The ultimate supplement for cleaning smartphones and computers

We know the enemies of electronic devices Dust, humidity and heat. Well, despite the fact that many devices are certified to protect against dust, unfortunately, over time this crawls under covers or objects, between switches or sometimes even in the small gaps of USB or HDMI ports causing the impossibility of connection or from Device charging.

The only way to restore the correct performance of a device, whether it is a computer, monitor, laptop, tablet or smartphone, is Clean it well. But how is this done knowing that electronic devices, as we said, do not tolerate the use of water and detergents? Generally we usecompressed air. But not everyone has a compressor, and in any case, a compressor that is gentle enough not to compromise the functionality of the circuits, but powerful enough to remove dust and dirt should be used. The most commonly used alternative is cans of compressed air, which is not particularly cheap and, above all, creates a lot of waste. over here , Electric Dust Removal Wireless and rechargeable compressed air, now also available Amazon At a very attractive price.

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Compressed air dust removal: technical characteristics

The compressed air dust remover is ergonomically designed to be carried easily and save maximum Air jet controleven towards small or sensitive points of electronic devices.

Being a wireless device, it can be moved easily anywhere and provides a puff of air produced by a single device. Fan rotates at 33,000 rpmWhich can remove dust and dirt easily. The autonomy of work is 30 consecutive minutes, thanks to the 6000 mAh battery with 10W recharge (via the USB port it takes 3 hours to fully recharge).

Also included in the kit is Thin and removable nozzle Useful for stepping into small, hard-to-reach gaps.

There are two cleaning modes: manual to manually intervene with aerodynamic plane and maneuver with different densities suitable for very small surfaces and gaps; the situation Sentences For a constant flow of air to be directed towards larger surfaces.

Compressed air dust remover: Amazon offer

The pneumatic dust removal device already has an excellent price list, because it is sold for 69.99 euros, but today it is discounted on Amazon at a price 59.49 euros (-10.50, -15%). At this price, it’s definitely a device to put in the house while still charging.

Compressed Air Dust Remover - 6000mAh Battery

Compressed Air Dust Remover – 6000mAh Battery

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