Yes, Starfield has an arrow in the knee

Starfield I can’t help but mention the most epic meme Skyrim And perhaps the history of video games: the story of Arrow at Knee.

in an era where Skyrim (Which you can find on Amazon) I haven’t yet been able to count on the current era’s virality, but the Bethesda title still manages to send a meme to the legend.

everyone By mistake As always happens in these cases, the result of the great passion that players have lavished on it from its launch until today and who have flooded it with the most amazing modifications.

Much has been said of knee darts so far famous adventurer Skyrim, in a world that gets bigger and bigger with every occasion thanks to modifications. A world, in relation to the arrow above, is still told in other games Bethesda.

as in Starfield Which according to reports IGN United Statescites on at least two occasions as Knee Arrow®.

Exactly the first easter egg has been found space explorer Who, like you, was once an adventurer but never completed the remarkable sentence in the same way:

The second easter egg is even more straightforward and scary one of the skills that players can obtain, and whose icon on the game interface indicates very clearly:

More are likely to come out in the next few days References to as many Bethesda video games as possible inside Starfield, Which we will not fail to bring you back in this very important review.

As of today, the title is in the hands of players who pre-ordered it with Early Access, and are exploring its world. Filled with, among other things, gods Very empty planets But they are in this case For a specific reason.

If nothing else, according to Metacritic, the game has at least given credit in these first hours.

If you already play, you might need some Advise: Here you will find our comprehensive, updated guide to Starfield.

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