Check the leak via Discord for a new Xbox and PlayStation game –

Check the leak via Discord for a new Xbox and PlayStation game –

according to a leak From information received from Discord and then bounced on social media, Capcom is said to be working on a new game known as monster hunter paradise. As indicated, the game will be expected on Xbox and PlayStation.

As you can see in the tweet above, through Discord you get access to a screen that rewards you with some kind of Monster Hunter Paradise code and you can choose between Xbox and PlayStation. ResetEra user claimed that he tried to follow a video guide by a Twitter user and managed to get the same Discord page.

It is not clear what kind of game this is. There is talk of Monster Hunter 6, which is a spin-off or sequel to Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village: Part of the saga published in 2015 for the 3DS, it’s a video game dedicated to Palico. This game is developed by FromSoftware, and according to ResetEra user, an unnamed FromSoftware game which is in the final stages of development could be. However, it is a connection without concrete foundations.

For now, it’s all a mixture of rumors and leaks. There is nothing left to do but wait for new official information from Capcom.

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