Russian missile destroys satellites thousands of debris. use angrily: “threatening the matter”

Rome, November 16, 2021 – It’s an open confrontation between United States and Russia For Moscow maneuvers in space, which the Americans consider dangerous. over there NASA She is angry, but Roscosmos is trying to reassure and Minister Lavrov talks about “hypocrisy”.

What happened

Objective of the topic: Russia submitted a file Military experiment with a missile launched into space to hit one of its satellites. The missile has Satellite destroyed But it also caused a file to run debris rain Which forced the crew of the International Space Station, the ISS, to seek shelter and prepare for a possible evacuation. Moscow did not initially confirm the test, but the United States is angry and speaks of a “reckless and dangerous act”. According to the United States, Russia has tested a Direct ascent of anti-satellite missile, which always hit the Russian satellite and created a shower of debris in Earth’s lower orbit: “Yes, indeed More than 1500 moving pieces of traceable orbital debris and potentially hundreds of thousands of smaller orbital debris.”

Replicas from Russia

came today Replica of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, taken from Interfax: “For us the main priority was and remains the absolute safety of the crew” of the International Space Station (ISS). Soon, the Russian Foreign Minister also intervened Sergey Lavrov: “The claim that the Russian Federation creates risks for the activities of the peaceful use of space is at least hypocritical. As I correctly said, There are no factsAnd again: “The United States knows for sure that the fragments that arose as a result of the missile test, in terms of orbit parameters, did not and will not pose any threat to orbital stations, satellites and space activity.” The Tselina-D satellite, from the Soviet era – it is said – “was entered into the main archive of the Russian space control system and immediately put under surveillance until its destruction.

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The case is also interfering Then. And tones are not restorative. The Secretary-General says the downing of a satellite as part of the test “was a reckless act on the part of Russia”. Jens Stoltenberg, Upon his arrival to the Defense Council in Brussels. “The United States has informed us” and it’s a measure” that worries us because it has created a lot of debris, which is a danger to civilian activity in space, and because it shows that Russia is developing new weapons that can shoot down satellites, the head of the alliance added.

Ignored Alarms

However, Russia conducted the test though Repeat US alerts On the fact that this type of testing can be risky not only for the satellites, but for the astronauts themselves. ‘Dangerous, reckless, irresponsible’: Adjectives used in Washington are lost. The Russian space agency Roscosmos itself found that rain of debris forced astronauts and cosmonauts to seek shelter while the International Space Station crossed the debris field. Satellites are the tools that provide people around the world with invaluable services, from telephone and broadband services to weather forecasts, including GPS systems and satellite radio and television communications. L ‘NASA Administrator Bill Nelson“It is unbelievable that Russia is endangering not only American cosmonauts and international partners on the International Space Station, but also their cosmonauts,” he said.

Wreckage in space for decades

The situation is likely to be compromised for a long time. debris “It will remain in orbit for years, perhaps decades.”, which put the International Space Station crew and other human spaceflight activities “in great danger”, as well as satellites in “multiple countries”, which has alarmed the US Space Command. The US Army Command is now declaring that it will “monitor the trajectory” of the fragments and that it “will work to ensure that all nations with an interest in space” have the information necessary to protect their activities in orbit. If they are hit by a cloud of debris,” the service – adds the note posted on the Us Space Com website Electronic – that “the United States supplies the world, including Russia and China.”

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People on the space station

Currently there Seven astronauts on the International Space Stationthe Americans Mark Vandy are Raja Chari, Thomas Marshbourne and Kayla Barron; With Russians Anton Shkaplerov and Peter Dubrov and Germany’s Matthias Maurer from the European Space Agency.

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