The United States poses an unpredictable challenge

The United States poses an unpredictable challenge

It’s easy to ask Joe Biden to step aside. The problem is that this is not a personal decision. Or rather, assuming the White House leader was willing to take a step back, a power vacuum would be created that no one would know how to fill. Because choosing the leader of the world’s leading power is a very complex process.

whose titles – and faces – are hardly known to the average citizen on television. But in reality it responds to very precise and complex rules.

Let’s start with seniority. Contrary to the trend that has recently emerged on the European scene, the majority of US presidents are politicians who serve long terms in office. Obama’s exclusion quickly declined with Clinton’s nomination, which also led to a reaffirmation of the important role that family ties play in passing the baton of the presidency. Before Obama, the young Bush had literally inherited the scepter of the White House from his father. Stressing that the most important requirement for aspiring to the imperial seat is to be part of a broad and unified network of relations with the institution: institutional, financial, and cultural. The European observer, accustomed to navigating countries that are essentially homogeneous and the result of ancient national histories, cannot even imagine what building and managing a network of personal relationships covering fifty different states such as California and Alabama, and global media companies ranging from oil to United. Artificial intelligence, old and new media affecting tens of millions of users. Under aggravated circumstances, these are not merely interested observers – as in elections in Europe, which are run almost exclusively by parties – but genuine aspiring partners who aspire to sit at the decision-making table, taking sides and/or Or on the other hand, contributing their own money to the success of the candidacy.

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With which we enter the heart of the race, the obstacle course – The minefield – the primaries. It is a challenge that – as we have seen on several occasions – remains largely unpredictable, because along with the foundational factor comes the charismatic factor. A gift that cannot be improvised, and which most of the time you only end up discovering directly. And perhaps, when it is too late to treat or retreat, as happened with the Vice President, who went from being a life-saving crutch to the worst obstacle in the game of succession.
It is clear from this brief list that even if Biden withdraws, it will be a leap into the dark. In theory, there is still time to start from scratch. But it will be necessary to at least have a crowd of highly qualified people at the starting line, already equipped with the credentials – and the electoral machinery – to credibly aspire to become Trump’s opponents. There aren’t any, and at the point we’re at now, it’s unlikely there will be any.

And also because – like it or not – first and foremost, the personal factor still plays a decisive role. Biden certainly recognizes the context we have describedAnd the abyss that will open if he chooses to step down. But even if he was convinced that the window could be opened to nominate an alternative, perhaps stronger, candidate, why would he accept it at all? What movement of the spirit can push a person to leave the pinnacle of world power spontaneously and without restrictions?
Maybe just health conditions. If it deteriorates too quickly. But given what we’ve said, it doesn’t seem like it would be desirable for those who don’t want to see Donald Trump return to Capitol Hill without having to break windows.

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