WhatsApp also applies screenshot blocking to other images

WhatsApp also applies screenshot blocking to other images

WhatsApp has decided to expand the scope of the screenshot ban to include other images, in addition to the ban on profile pictures.

after the ban To implement Screenshot In the personal picture From our existing WhatsApp contacts, the meta app has decided to expand this ban to include other images as well. Moreover, it seems that this functionality, little by little, is reaching all versions of the application and to all users who have installed the application instant messaging app on your device. So let's find out more about them heresy Which comes from the world of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, screenshot of other photos besides those in the profile has also been blocked

About a month ago, several new features were introduced in WhatsApp beta version is primarily concerned with protecting user privacy. For some time now, the application has been blocking the saving of personal photos of other contacts, and with the rollout of this version, it has also started blocking the possibility of taking screenshots of these photos, in order to further protect the user's privacy.

WhatsApp also applies screenshot blocking to other images (pianetacellore.it)

But this restriction seems to have been extended further, Without distinguishing between the stable and experimental versions. Distribution is likely to occur through Updates on the service sider, even if users report different experiences: some, in fact, manage to take a screenshot of images, but they appear as a black image; Others find themselves confronted with a message warning them of… Inability to take screenshotsUsing traditional keys.

there restriction Screenshots on WhatsApp are valid for individual profile photos (except for your own photo), but not for group photos, at least for now.

Tricks that others can use and how to defend themselves

Users can still take screenshots of the file My nail Displayed when you first click on the image or take a photo with other devices. Currently, the restriction is inactive WhatsApp Web Or on the computer application. Those who prefer not to share their profile picture with strangers can change their settings by going to Settings > Privacy > Profile photo And specify My contacts or no one.

Check updates on WhatsApp (pianetacellore.it)

In this way, we independently protect our privacy, preventing strangers, but also friends, family and acquaintances, from taking a screenshot of our profile picture.

How to update WhatsApp

The WhatsApp update does not seem to be tied to a specific version of the app, although it must be said that it is important to always keep the app up to date, so as not to miss any updates that actually improve operation. From himself.

To find out if you have the latest version of WhatsApp, simply check the relevant app store, in the App tab, or alternatively, set automatic updates.

Furthermore, it is also possible to participate in the beta program, so you can be the first to know about app updates. If the beta program is complete, you can still test a specific beta version by manually downloading the APK from APKMirror.

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