A type of monkey that counts liters of rain with a sneeze

A type of monkey that counts liters of rain with a sneeze

The time of Biko and Ash leaves us Story of the week with Strange phenomena From all over the world you probably didn't know about. Pay attention to this week's videos, there are some things you can soak bread in!

Sneezing under rain: In early 2010, a team of international primatologists discovered a new organism Types of monkeys In northeastern Myanmar. It's about Strykere rhinoceros, a smooth monkey, without a nose or as if it were upside down. In fact, in the local dialect they call them “mi noh” or Monkey with an upside-down face. It is a small collection of about 300 specimens and therefore extant endangered Especially by local fishermen. The privacy of this the animals Is this when It's rainingIn this area, they do this repeatedly, causing water to accumulate in their noses, causing them to sneeze. Sometimes they hide their heads between their knees to avoid this. Therefore, by counting the number of sneezes for the same sample, you can find out liter of rain Which is falling…more or less. There is another type of howler monkey in southern China and Vietnam, but it does not sneeze. The reason it was not discovered until recently is that it is isolated by two natural barriers: the Salween and Mekong rivers.

Beauty miracles: Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley (1865-1931), Connegut per Snowflake man Or something like that The house is flowing He was born in the city of Jericho in the state of Vermont in the United States, and from a young age he was passionate about sports. Weather phenomenabut very specifically with new. Educated on a farm and without studies, he became interested in micro photography from a young age, and was a pioneer in its study Ice crystals Which form Snowflakes. He adapted a microscope to a photographic camera and tried for years to observe the structure of ice crystals… without success. But in 1885, when he was 20 years old, he managed to take the first photograph: he was the first to do so. He was amazed by Crystal beauty. Since that day, he has not stopped capturing and studying more than 5,000 people Ice crystals And the most curious thing is that no two crystals were alike. Universities around the world were interested in his studies, which were published in magazines, books and newspapers. In 1931 he published the book Ice crystals With 2400 photos. Below we reproduce some of the sensations he experienced in his research: “Under the microscope I found that snowflakes (in the United States snow crystals are commonly called snowflakes) were miracles of beauty; and it seemed a pity that this beauty was neither seen nor loved by others. Each crystal was a “A masterpiece of design and no design has ever been replicated. When the snowflake melted, the design was lost forever. All that beauty was gone, leaving no memories.”

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