Computer and battery, how to save electricity and improve its autonomy in a “sustainable” way.

Computer and battery, how to save electricity and improve its autonomy in a “sustainable” way.

There are ways to improve your computer’s battery life. Here’s how to save electricity in the best way.

Owning a computer also means learning how to manage it as best as possible and trying not to damage it prematurely. We often think that this is a task that is only possible for those who really know it, but this is not the case.

Here are some ways to save battery –

One of the main problems with computer wear and tear is actually related to the battery “life” of our devices. This often leaves us early and doesn’t give us much room to maneuver. However, we want to recommend some ways to help you Save electricity and improve battery life.

Here’s how to improve your computer’s battery life

There is no need to feel forced to constantly keep our computer plugged into an electrical outlet. It is actually very important to remember that, even if it does not consume much, the constant charging of our laptop is a problem Big cost To cover our expenses, especially regarding bills. So here we can use some methods to improve the battery life of your computer.

Follow these simple tips –

The first thing to do is Always keep a spare battery with youto. This is a great way to be able to travel and work while ensuring you never run out of power. In this case, it is also possible to use a backup battery, that is, a portable power bank that allows us to recharge when the main battery of our computer reaches 0. If we are passionate about sustainable energy and want to follow “green” practices, our advice is to use a Solar powered battery charger. This way we will be able to have a portable charger while getting free energy directly from the sun. One of the most recommended devices is the SolarGorilla Laptop Charger, which is a solar-powered charger that generates electricity for your computer.

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Remember that software also consumes power, therefore, if you want to save energy, we recommend installing a software Particularly efficient operating system. We are talking about the popular and “old” Windows 7 operating system. If you don’t have major operating needs, we recommend this system, which allows you to make your battery last about 11% longer than modern systems. We also recommend that you always activate the option “Energy saving” of your laptop battery, which will allow you to optimize its use. The browsers you use for Google searches can also be influential. We therefore recommend using IE8 which, compared to the more popular Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers, allows the battery to last about 10 minutes longer.

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