Release in 2024 is a mirage if game size is not reduced –

Release in 2024 is a mirage if game size is not reduced –

These days we are back to talk about it Star Wars Couture Remake, a game for PC and PS5 dedicated to the George Lucas saga. Some reports have revealed that the title is in trouble and that the release date is a long way off. How far is it? until the 2024 It’s a mirage unless the game comes downsize: That’s what Jason Schreyer thinks.

Schreier, via Bloomberg, is the one who shared the Star Wars KOTOR Remake release reports. Now, reply via Twitter “Until 2024 is hopeful unless the project is scaled back,” he told one user.

So it looks like Star Wars KOTOR Remake is still on the high seas. Obviously, as always, we remember that This is not official information But just for journalist’s considerations: Schreyer is a reliable source, but things could develop in many ways from now on.

star WarsHowever, you shouldn’t rely solely on a remake of Knights of the Old Republic. In fact, remember that Star Wars Jedi Survivor is coming, whose release date has been the center of Jeff Grubb’s recent comments. Everything was born after the official announcement of two books dedicated to Star Wars Jedi.

Soon we will also have the opportunity to discover other news dedicated to Star Wars, namely the new game from Skydance New Media and Amy Henning, well-known author of Uncharted. Everything will be announced during the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase: let’s see the dates and details.

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