The Genoa striker scores for the national team

The Genoa striker scores for the national team
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The Italian national team opens 2024 with a friendly victory (2-1) over Venezuela, a team that is thriving in the South American football panorama. At Chase Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, home of Inter Miami, which has a capacity of 18,000 spectators, the Azzurri took the lead with two goals scored by Matteo Retegui between the 40th and 81st minutes, with the help of former Genoa player Cambiasso, interspersed with Vinotinto’s goal, which he scored. Machis Cádiz. The Genoa striker overtakes Spalletti with a performance as a true first-choice striker, which is what Italy needs: perhaps the Griffoni native has already beaten the internal competition and is the final choice for the European Championship (his debut is on June 15 against Albania). He was supposed to play only part of the game, but instead Retegui came off three minutes from time to make way for Raspadori, a clear sign of satisfaction on the part of coach Spalletti.

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A great evening for the Genoa national team, and Mr. Gilardino can smile after Albert Gudmundsson's hat-trick and Retegui's brace, who has now scored 4 goals in 5 matches for Italy (an average of 1 goal every 69 minutes played). The current Rossoblu coach was the last Genoa player to score for the national team, even in September 2013; Instead, the last double in the national team for a player from Genoa dates back to June 4, 1928, achieved by Leverato in Amsterdam in the Olympic Games quarter-final rematch, between Italy and Spain, 7-1. According to Opta data. Since the beginning of 2023, no Italian player has scored more goals than Matteo Ritejoy: There are 4, like Davide Fratesi.

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