The 500e sells for 10 times less than the 500 gasoline, why?

The 500e sells for 10 times less than the 500 gasoline, why?

Fiat 500 in two versions: gasoline (hybrid) and electric (right).

The 500e sells for 10 times less than the gasoline 500, why? In a somewhat provocative tone, Francesco asks how to explain this difference. Electrical He answers. We remind you that your messages should be sent to [email protected]

A question mark500e sales are ten times lower, how do you explain this complete failure?

toIn 500 AH It is not sold at all, Ten times less, and I mean ten times less, than the heat, 10% vs 90%It was also easy to predict. Stellantis And you are considering moving the production of the 500 thermal In Mirafiori, Where only thermal will be produced. How do you explain this, director? Total sales failure Of electricity? Give me an intelligent answer if you have to justify the numbers in this disaster. Thank you. Francesco Palazzi

The 500e sells for ten times less
€11,250 difference between 500 petrol (left) and electric.

This only happens in Italy, for two reasons above all

A question markAnswer. Dear Francesco, we would first advise you to combine your biting sarcasm with a good review of your Italian: we had to correct a huge number of spelling errors. Even in mathematics he does not seem knowledgeable, since one to ten equals ten to one hundred: so in an electricity market covering 4% of registered vehicles, 10% is still twice the average. Where will the disaster be? Of electricity 500?

But let's get to the question. The 500e sells for much less than the Thermal (but Only in Italy) for a number of reasons. The first is that Fiat decided to implement Outstanding city carwith Very high price, much superior to the gasoline model. Just for comparison: among the less expensive versions of Electric Twingo (24,050 Euro) and gasoline (15,350) there 8700 euros difference. between 500e (28,950) and thermal (17,700) The difference is 11,250 euros.

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Reason 2: Fiat's small electric car is not the battery-powered version of the gasoline model. It is exactly Another caron a different technical basis, with larger dimensions: it is Longer than 6 cmIts width is 5 cm and its height is 4 cm. It is more spacious inside.

Moral of the story: In Italy, a market where you only look at the price, the 500'naturalIt sells much more than that and a few hundred EV units are sold per month. In countries like France More sold: 2,114 Only in February.

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