What you don’t expect from a VIP surgeon

What you don’t expect from a VIP surgeon

Giacomo Urtis decided to tell it all by bringing out the hidden drama in his family: that’s what happened to the VIP’s most beloved plastic surgeon.

Giacomo Ortis is a VIP surgeon: many characters from the entertainment world have passed under his hands, some of which Giacomo found in the house of big brother Vaib in the latest version. Right after this reality show, Giacomo decided to reveal a nasty drama that had gripped his family, and completely opened himself up to the Italian audience.

Giacomo Ortis and the difficult relationship with his father

After entering the Big Brother Vip house with Valeria Marini, with whom he formed one rival, Giacomo Urtis became even more famous for the audience of Canale 5: the VIP surgeon was already hosted several times by Barbara D’Urso in salotti, participated in the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, Where he talked a lot about himself, especially because of his gentle temperament.

After graduating in 2002 in dermatology and venereology, he moved to Milan where he obtained his master’s degree in plastic surgery and here, slowly, he became successful, becoming Vippons’ most beloved plastic surgeon in Italy. Giacomo Urtis, in fact, owns two clinics in Milan, one in Rome, and a center that specializes in weight loss in Sardinia. Urtis also recently opened a base in London. In addition to being a VIP surgeon, Giacomo Urtis launched himself into the world of television thanks to reality TV.

But thanks to the experience in the GF Vip, Giacomo has been able to reveal more about himself, even the family drama that he unfortunately carries with him.

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Already while staying at home, Ortis recounted his difficult relationship with his father, especially after he went out with his family, after he declared that he was gay. Having had the opportunity to clarify the situation with his mother inside the GF House, Giacomo Urtis admitted during his participation on the reality show that his father, unfortunately, still does not accept this thing. In fact, it seems that he doesn’t really want to listen to his son’s words, a situation that makes the surgeon suffer greatly: “My dad keeps asking me when I get married, he doesn’t accept it. I told him I’m gay but he doesn’t hear, he doesn’t listen. Over the years, I’ve come to terms with it. When does he see my plastic surgery and think I’m doing it because I’m theatrical. And he doesn’t associate it with other things”

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