Yari Carrisi, the drama that broke everything: he also experienced it with great pain

Yari Carrisi, the drama that broke everything: he also experienced it with great pain
Jari Karisi – solospettacolo.it (web source)

The artist’s son, Yari Karisi, hid his pain from the public: the sudden loss removed all certainty.

there The Carrisi-Power family He has been in the international spotlight for many years, due to the fame of Al Bano and his ex-wife Romina, as well as the ups and downs that involved them.

The famous couples who prepared for the stages with the evergreen song “Happiness,” lived their mutual love deeply, and built a very large and united family. In fact, they gave birth Yelnya, Jari, Romina Jr. and Kristelbut the idyllic local picture is soon marred by a highly controversial news story, namely, the disappearance of the eldest daughter.

Jelenia Carisi She disappeared from New Orleans in January 1994 and was never found again, despite painstaking searches by investigators and the family itself. Yari Carisi He especially suffered from the lack of his sister: in fact he viewed her as the main point of reference in his life, and had hoped to embrace her for a long time.

The son of art later followed in his parents’ footsteps, devoting himself to music and meticulously exploring the Eastern Zen cultures, which linked him so much with Ylenia. Returning from many trips to Indian soil, Yari Carisi He also participated in the “Beijing Express” format, in which he met attractive women Nike RevelliDaughter of Ornella Muti. An overwhelming passion flared up between the two, but the relationship suddenly broke off…

Jari Carisi and Nike Revelli: After the Abortion, the Ultimate Mystery

The son of Al Bano and Romina accepted the engagement in the “Beijing Express” and there he met you Nike Revelli. Soon, love blossomed between the two, and strengthened it as well The same tendency to spirituality. The young woman later left the program due to a completely unexpected pregnancy; While in South America, however, it will suffer miscarriage.

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I gave up on the Beijing Express because I was pregnant, but my first losses started thereNike later admitted to Sunday Live.All children who pray are angels and bring something beautiful, even if they are not even born. This kid made me find Yari. It hurt when we lost him, but we were so strong together that we were able to get through it. Now we try again. I have a son, and I didn’t want more…but with Yari, I changed my mind. We are very fond when I see him, I see myself, I recognized him the first time I saw him…The love story, after a short time, vanished into thin air. Self Jari Karisi has maintained complete silence on the matterNike Revelli instead commented on the break with a very bizarre paragraph.

Jari Carisi and Nike Revelli - solospettacolo.it
Jari Carisi and Nike Revelli – solospettacolo.it (web source)

Nike Revelli: “We have distanced ourselves”

After separating from Jari Carisi, Nike Revelli and her mother, Ornella Muti, agreed to an interview with “Verissimo”. On that occasion, the young woman refused to embroider at the end of her relationship, and told Sabbia: “no comment“.

However, Nike later specified on social media: “The interview with “Verissimo” was beautiful and honest… Unfortunately there was a bit of confusion regarding my and my mother’s comments about the Carrisi family. We have absolutely nothing against them. If we distance ourselves, if we say “no comment,” it is only because the real reasons for breaking up are very serious and very personal.“.

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