Comics & Science Volume 1, Review: When Science Meets Comics

Comics & Science Volume 1, Review: When Science Meets Comics

“Science and technologies are the constituent elements of contemporary societies and permeate every aspect of human life. Therefore, we need a perception reinforced by the awareness that we live in a global reality where everything is interconnected and where science and technology are increasingly necessary to confront global problems”. With these words taken from the introduction to the work, National Research Council He wanted to explain why some of the initiatives devoted to communication and science dissemination.

Hence the birth comics and sciencean idea that was first mentioned in November 2012 during Lucca Comics & Games and then founded in 2013 by Roberto NataliniDirector of the Mauro Bacon Institute for Computational Applications (CNR) Andrea BlasiA well-known mathematician, translator and editor mouse man, which has been held every six months since 2016. The product theme in this review is the first two-volume volume created to collect ten years of comics and science fiction, created by great authors in collaboration with leading scholars and featuring accessible language. Let’s see together what it looks like, Comics and Science Volume 1 Posted by CNR editions And the Feltrinelli Comics Sponsored by Roberto Natalini and Andrea Blasi comics and scienceAnd from Tito makes us For Feltrinelli Caricatures.

Comics and Science Volume 1: Ten years of scientific generalization in comics

It was 2013 when Leo Ortolani First foot (and for years not found anywhere) Mysteriousthe volume that opened the CNR Edizioni Scientific Communication Series comics and science. Ten years have passed since then and comics and science He’s come a long way with Ben 20 volumes Between regular series and special branches, with several new books in the pipeline. Not to mention the exhibitions, events, exhibitions and collaborations in which many artists and researchers have worked. Ortolani himself, with the likes Federico Bertolucci, Diego Caglii, Giovanni Escher, Claudia Flandoli, Giuseppe Palumbo, Gabriel Pedis, Sergio Poncioni, Andrea Scubeta, Zerocal Care lament thunder comb It gave life to the interesting and entertaining tables that appeared in this first set of Cartoons and science.

Comics and Science Volume 1

employment Scientific publishing The magazine’s findings are also fully featured in this volume and are interesting from every point of view you look at. First of all, readers are informed that in Italy there are scientific facts of great importance that the whole world envy us. Not only CERN, but also for example two, of the fifty existing in the world, sources advanced light, or high-tech laboratories where scientists and researchers can analyze the nature of materials at microscopic scales with instruments that exploit the quantum and wave properties of light. The two laboratories are called Elettra (accumulator loop) and FERMI (Free Electron Laser Radiation for Interdisciplinary Probes), a free electron laser, both located in Trieste (or rather, at the Sincrotone International Research Center in Pasovisa). The story that made this acquaintance possible was created and designed by Zerocalcare: From the title subatomic educationThe Romanian author, through his classic humor, recounts his visit as a “material ignorant” to Sincrotone.

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Comics and Science Volume 1

From geology to robotics, passing through the periodic table and Archimedes’ mathematics, Comics and Science Volume 1 It explores and does every field of science in great detail also thanks to studies conducted by the various comics authors themselves. For example, Leo Ortolani in addition to being one of the greatest Italian cartoonists is also a geologist and this can be seen in Mysterios: Private crystallography! Where, however, a sense of humor is not lacking everywhere. Or Claudia Flandoli, the biologist and scientific illustrator, who in this project decided to tell, in a cheerful and cheerful way, the story of Leonardo Pisano known to most people as Fibonacci In the story that bears the name Claudia Landoli and Fibonacci mathematics.

Comics and Science Volume 1

Each topic found in the various comics is preceded by a description of the topic by Roberto Natalini and Andrea Blasi who deepen the topics covered in scientific terms. Although the terminology used in this case is not very complicated, comic entertainment is the term right link Between darkness and light, between confusion and general scattering, it is useful to know at least some succinctly unknown concepts, but they are essential to understanding some of the techniques useful to us every day. for example thunder combAfter a trip to CERN, try to understand the complexity of time and space (did you know that GPS technology also depends on this?), with some references to Einstein’s general relativity and to quantum mechanics and Einstein’s Max Planck. His comic movie titled Comb thunder and the paradoxes of timeperfectly follows the canons of his art and is a timeless homage to his great skill and natural sense of humor.

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comics and science It was born as a bold project to attempt to explain the complexity of science to the general public in simple and direct language. One can only choose the comics, and An artistic form par excellence For a 360-degree connection capable of capturing both adults and children. It’s been ten years since Lucca’s Simple Draft became a leading editorial project and this first volume is proof of that. in paperback edition Some of the best value tables have been collected in recent years by some of Italy’s most important cartoonists. The union between disclosure and entertainment is precisely achieved through a simple artistic introduction to the subject and then narrated by the relative artist, the author of the objective story. Needless to say, the choice of cartoonists was almost spot on, with pens of the undeniably highest quality. in back coverFinally, there is an illustration by Tuono Pettinato concluding a wonderful work dedicated to him. Tribute to say less perfect!

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