RTVE freezes signing of David Broncano to renegotiate contract offer

RTVE freezes signing of David Broncano to renegotiate contract offer

RTVE's big signing for next season is currently on hold. An extraordinary Board of Directors of the Foundation dedicated exclusively to the possible appointment of David Broncano convened on Monday, and its members decided to postpone the signing at least until the next regular Board of Directors, which will be held next week. RTVE's intention is to rely on David Broncano and Resistance To occupy a sectorReach peak time And compete with AntsBut the high economic cost it would incur – between 12 and 14 million euros per season over three years – made council members want to rethink the matter.

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As mentioned above the world Last Friday, the appointment of the broadcaster and the program produced by El Terrat had already been approved by RTVE's Audio-Visual Procurement Committee and only the approval of the Board of Directors was needed. However, on Monday, the acting president of RTVE, Elena Sánchez, Podem's councilor and three from the People's Party, expressed disagreement on accepting the current terms of the proposed contract with the Catalan production company. The board believed that a three-year contract would “mortgage” the company. According to the newspaper, the proposal that was paralyzed stipulates the production of 160 episodes per season, which will last between 70 and 80 minutes, and will be broadcast from Monday to Thursday. The cost will be 14.07 million per season, meaning 42 million in total for the three seasons.

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In addition to the cost, another item in the contract that does not convince council members is the terms if the audience for the program is not what they desired. The contract will specify that if the program does not achieve the target Involved Under the contract, RTVE can change the time slot, but the economic cost will remain the same, which is an unusual policy (because if it moves to a schedule with a smaller audience, the costs will decrease). The Council's corresponding proposal is to sign an agreement lasting one or two years at most.

currently, Resistance It is broadcast on Movistar+, the platform with which the program has signed a contract valid until June. It premiered in 2018 and has since achieved huge popularity among younger audiences, who follow the show mainly via social media and YouTube. In fact, one of the unknowns in jumping to over-the-air television is whether its audience will consume it live, and thus have a positive impact on the La 1 audience, or whether it will continue to be consumed deferred and deferred. Through networks.

Tape fromReach peak time of La 1 is currently busy with the series 4 starsIt premiered in April 2023. Television picked up the series in an attempt to get its audience used to connecting with the series in a time period not exploited by public television. The series was not identical to ant nest, But it has a stable audience.

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