What is it and how is it done

What is it and how is it done

How is a self-sufficient house built? First of all, it is necessary to achieve three goals: to eliminate waste, improve systems and produce energy independently. Let’s see together how.

By creating a fileself-contained housing It is possible to disconnect from the national electricity network and cancel water and gas meters, since it is no longer necessary to pay any kind of law Project.

But how is a self-sufficient house built? Let’s see together.

A self-sufficient home: what it is and how it works

3D house with solar panels

a self-sufficient house Those who live there are allowed Not having to rely on external power inputs Ago Requirements Energetic independently satisfied through Sources renewablewhich can easily be introduced into their homes given the potential to exploit smaller plants compared to those of fossil fuels.

To make your home self-sufficient, it is necessary, first of all, to achieve the following goals:

  • waste elimination;
  • systems optimization;
  • It self-produces all the necessary energy.

Let’s see together how each point can be implemented.

waste elimination

for waste elimination It is first and foremost necessary Isolation The house is done properly so that it does not lose too much heat in the winter and does not cool enough in the summer. That is why it is useful to create a file Coat and replace me Old combinations: You can take advantage of Superbonos 110% In order to carry out this type of intervention.

Another way to avoid wasting energy, especially electricity, is to use household appliance with Energy class A++ or higher and replace the bulbs LED lamps.

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systems optimization

systems optimization It means making the most of the energy that is produced in this way natural it’s zero emissions With regard to cooling and heating in the home, it may be useful to use them electric heat pumps. Also, you need to equip yourself with smart organizing system Energy production and consumption.

Energy is also included among the renewable sources that can be used GeothermalUseful for home heating, water or wind power to produce energy.

self production

Once in Requirements Energetic annual For the family, it is possible to make and design a photovoltaic system Or renewable energy capable of producing self-energy.

It is necessary to install storage batteries That allows the energy produced to be used at different times of the day. In fact, if you are unable to produce all the energy you consume, you are forced to stay connected to the national electricity grid and thus purchase energy when necessary.

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