Carlo Cusco, ex-husband of Lea Garofalo and her murderer/daughter Denise: ‘For him I feel sorry’

Who is Carlo Cusco, ex-husband of Lea Garofalo?

Carlo Cusco He is the man who killed Leah Garofalo. daughter’s mother Denis Cusco, the woman who dares to rebel against his power and that of the ‘Ndrangheta, until she becomes a collaborator of justice. No one better than the person who watched the story, young Denis, can tell how things really went.

La Stampa gave an interview a few years ago, the girl said: “On the other hand, I don’t have fond memories of my father. He was never at home. However, the image remained engraved in my memory. sharp. I was five. It was night. They knocked on the door loudly, then entered with the dogs and arrested him. Since then, I have seen my father alone in prison, in interviews, because my mother has been visiting him despite everything. I think it was during one of those interviews that my father decided to kill her. This is also a moment that I remember well. She was angry, tired of that life, she told him she wanted to leave him. He jumped over the barrier and jumped on her and hit her. A woman cannot leave her boss! I’m sure that years later, he killed her out of such disgrace in her honor“.

Carlo Cusco, the president who killed Lea Garofalo

Denis Cusco can’t say whether the man who took her mother away is quite a monster:Was he in love with me I don’t know. He certainly gave me many gifts. And they told me that when he spoke of me, his eyes sparkled. I don’t think he meant to let me into his world. He dreamed of me as a graduate and spoke to a good manIt keeps him today with a different feeling of hatred, and perhaps worse:Sometimes I feel sorry for him. He didn’t understand what he was missing: a family, a daughter, the love he could have“.

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Carlo Cusco is currently imprisoned and sentenced in the Supreme Court to life imprisonment along with his brother Vito, Rosario Corcio, and Massimo Sabatino; 25 years in prison instead for Carmen Venturino, the ex-boyfriend of Cusco’s daughter, Denis, who made it possible with his discoveries to find part of the remains of Lea Garofalo. It was Cusco who lured Lea Garofalo into a trap in Milan, separating her from her daughter, sending the latter to a relative, and killing his wife, perhaps not before also torturing her.

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