“We will do it tomorrow. He must be recognized in Sampdoria.”

“We will do it tomorrow. He must be recognized in Sampdoria.”

Mattia Perrinthe disappointing goalkeeper 0-0 against Sampdoria, uttered the following words for dazn.

on me What does 0 to 0 represent ifThe:

“A draw that should be used to improve. To understand the areas where we need to improve these games in the future so we can take them home. For Juventus it is important to win, we know thatIt leaves a bit of a bad taste in our mouths but it should be a constructive draw, so understand where to go to put your hands inside our kit. So look for the positive.”

On the defensive toughness of the Juventus:

“For sure, we didn’t suffer from anything but that occasion, we were very solid defensively, It is important not to score goals. We have to start from the things we didn’t do right. We are a team of smart players, who work a lot, and want to win, so we will start working tomorrow to understand what points we have to touch on in order to get the three points back from these games in the future.”

Beren Tomorrow Samp

When you fail to register:

“First come and play here at anchors against the Sampdoria It’s not easy, it’s not matches where you win by 3-4 goals. Sampdoria plays wellHe explained that we must also give credit to opponents. We know we need to do more. We are the first to understand it. We will do our best to improve ourselves and draw the things we need to improve from this lottery. You have to accept the outcome and when these things happen you have to accept it and move on and it’s over, you can’t do anything, we’ll start over tomorrow.”

Instead, the ex-Juventus goalkeeper Genoa released the following statements to Sky Sports:

“The whole team was very good in defense. On the other hand, they were good at closing the traffic lines and running a lot. In the second half we had the ball in the game, there are regrets about not getting the three points back. Now we have to analyze and start from tomorrow to work to improve ourselves and get results.”

On the The difference between Perin for the first Juventus and the second Juventus:

“After shoulder surgery in 2019 I started working with her NicolettaWho is my mental trainer? From there I gained more awareness. My teammates make me feel important, so do the coach and the club.”.

It’s something I would recommend to everyoneTo improve everyday life as a man. After the recent injury I also thought about quitting, I couldn’t stand it anymore. Nicoletta has given me a great hand, and rediscovered the love of football.”

Giacomo Pio Impasta

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