Chelsea – Real Madrid 0-0: Live Streaming News

Chelsea – Real Madrid 0-0: Live Streaming News
  • Where to play the game:

    Stadium: Stamford Bridge
    City: London
    Capacity: 41,798 spectators8:29 p.m

  • Good evening, and welcome to the live coverage of Chelsea – Real Madrid, a match valid for the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final match.8:29 p.m

  • A game home or away on this London night: it’s Blues v Blancos again, it’s Chelsea v Real Madrid again. In the first 90 minutes, Meringues, led by Carlo Ancelotti, took full advantage of the local team, imposing themselves within the walls of the Santiago Bernabeu 2-0 over Frank Lampard’s team. To establish the Galacticos’ momentary advantage are the signatures of Captain Benzema and Asensio, but on this European evening the Blues are called upon to respond on the Stamford Bridge stage.20:37

  • In the final season of the championship, today’s hosts made up for their home defeat by Italian Brighton with a score of 1-2. Instead, it was an away victory for the Blancos, who won the LaLiga round on Saturday 15th April 2-0 against Cadiz.8:39 p.m

  • The direction of the match was assigned to Italian match director Daniele Orsato of Schio. The Carbone-Giallatini linemen will help the gun whistle; The fourth official man would be Mariani; The VAR station is run by Irrati, with A.VAR Valeri.8:42 p.m

  • Official line: Chelsea (3-5-1-1). taking the field: kepa; Fofana Thiago Silva Chalobah; Cucurila Kovacic, Fernandez, Kante James; Gallagher. Havertz. Coach: Frank Lampard. Subs: Azpilicueta, Mount, Zakaria, Mudryk, Chukwuemeka, Ziyech, Hall, Loftus-Cheek, Pulisic, Felix, Sterling, Mendy.8.45 p.m

  • Official line: Real Madrid (4-3-3). Guests reply with: Courtois. Carvajal – Militao – Alaba – Camavinga; Valverde Kroos Modric Vinicius Benzema Rodrigo. Coach: Carlo Ancelotti. Subs: Vallejo, Odriozola, Nacho, Rudiger, Ceballos, Choameni, Vazquez, Diaz, Hazard, Asensio, Lunin, Lopez.8:48 p.m

  • Lampard’s options are determined by 3-5-1-1, with the choice of the only striker, Havertz, supported by attacking midfielder Gallagher, who made many offensive signals in the first leg. Kepa remains in the mirror defence, a defensive line confirmed with Silva, Fofana and Chalobah replacing the injured Coulibaly; a mediator managed by N’Golo Kante with Kovacic and Fernandes in the midfield position; In outer space for the speed of James Reece and Cucurella, he was called upon to replace the suspended Chilwell.20:56

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  • There is no news, however, among the ranks of the Blancos. Coach Ancelotti confirmed the 4-3-3 formation last April 12, with Courtois lined up between the posts; in fourth place with two full-backs Carvajal and Camavinga, a central duo with Alaba and Militao; solidity in midfield with Valverde and Kroos supporting playmaker Luka Modric; The offensive trident consists of the Brazilian duo Vinicius Junior Rodrigo and the only offensive player, as well as the team captain Karim Benzema.20:56

  • The players finished their pre-match warm-up phase, and we are only a few minutes away from the start of the challenge.20:56

  • The kick-off time for the match is at 21:00.20:56

  • 1 ‘

    Let’s go! Go to Chelsea – Real Madrid.21:01

  • 1 ‘

    The first ball of the match is run by the Blues.21:02

  • 3 ‘

    The contrast between Camavinga and Cucurella is regular, and Courtois brings together and repositions it.21:04

  • 5 ‘

    Real Madrid’s possession phase stretched out, and Chelsea waited for their half.21:06

  • 6 ‘

    Benzema remained on the ground after colliding with Thiago Silva, forcing Orsato to stop the match.21:08

  • 8 ‘

    Rodrygo looks for a chance against Cucurella, but the Spanish full-back keeps his position and gets a throw-in.21:10

  • 9 ‘

    Modric’s mistake! The playmaker receives from Alaba, turns the body towards the right of the field and tries to propose by heart to Rodrygo; Gallagher blasts the ball but fails to finish it.21:11

  • 11′

    Chance Chelsea! A cross from the right by Reece James, who caught the back of Kai Havertz with precision, then unloaded the number 29 for Kante who tries to finish the ball but misses the target. Chelsea came close to taking the lead in the 11th minute.21:13

  • 14 ‘

    Valverde loses control of the ball, Kante takes the opportunity to serve James who controls the ball, looks for it and tries to shoot. However, the full-back tamed his right arm, and Orsato allocated the free kick to Madrid.21:16

  • 17 ‘

    Cucurella challenges Carvajal on the trocar, then swerves and goes inside, finding the right deflection off Madrid’s No. 2. The first corner kick of the match!21:18

  • 18 ‘
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    A corner kick was inaccurately hit by Kovacic, who headed in a cross from which Militao emerged, darting to the side.21:19

  • 20′

    Rodrigo Wood! The Brazilian enters the Blues penalty area, catches fire with Fofana, and sends a powerful ball with his right foot. The ball hits the post, sorry Kepa.21:22

  • 22 ‘

    Eder Gabriel Militao alert: The centre-back has been warned, he will miss any first leg of the semi-finals.21:23

  • 24 ‘

    Trying to throw his head away, Militao fell to the ground complaining of a sprained right ankle. Possible change on the horizon in the 25th minute in Real.21:26

  • 26 ‘

    Tough fuss by Vinicius towards fellow countryman Rodrigo, whom he managed to tame, but found the decisive intervention of Cucurella. I own Chelsea.21:28

  • 28 ‘

    Kiba’s answer! Vinicius increases his hesitation on the right side of the field, and then calls Benzema to triangulate. The return of the ball from the Frenchman, in which the 20th player of the Whites attempts a direct shot on goal, Kepa firmly in position and blocks with his fists.9:30 p.m

  • 31 ‘

    He pointed out Auxiliary Carbone: Silva’s deep suggestion towards Cucurella’s cut, which first attracted Gallagher’s breakup. The ball goes over the bar, but the linesman finds Cucurella offside.21:34

  • 33 ‘

    Rodrygo proved cunning all the way down the left side of the field, and when he got to the front line, he challenged Fofana one-on-one. But the heart of Lampard’s defense is clear, and with his right foot he grabs the ball from the Brazilian’s feet.21:36

  • 34 ‘

    Mark Cucurella-Sasetta caution: A tactical foul was used to stop Rodrygo’s advance, who sprinted on goal.21:36

  • 36 ‘

    An intense maneuver by the Blues, with Kanté lighting up Reece James’ pass. Wing No. 24 fires a powerful through ball towards the center of the area, Alaba backs off and moves wide to the halfway line.21:39

  • 38 ‘

    Another set-up error by Luka Modric, who wants Vinicius’ movement but delivers a very poor assist. Thiago Silva could lead to a restart for Chelsea.9.40pm

  • 40′

    The second corner of the match in favor of the Blues, Cucurella at the serve point.21:41

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  • 40′

    A series of rebounds on Marc Cucurella’s cross: Courtois is confident to get out and make the ball his own, avoiding Gallagher’s gap.21:42

  • 41 ‘

    Try VINICIUS! Blancos counterattack, which starts with Carvajal. The full-back skips Cucurella’s pressure and allows Modric to slide along the right side of the field, then the No. 10 looks up and serves inside for Vinicius, who Fofana expects to come face-to-face with Kepa.21:44

  • 43 ‘

    Down Benzema! Valverde’s ball-and-chain protagonist advances around the pitch and then, upon reaching the opponent’s penalty area, raises the bell tower for his captain: his left foot on a golden flight ball which, however, is oversized.9.45pm

  • 44 ‘

    The last lap on the clock from the first break, then possible overtime.21:46

  • 45 ‘

    There are two more minutes allowed by the match manager.21:47

  • 45′ + 1′

    Productive ritual! The sprinting James looks into the Blancos penalty area, then sends an accurate through ball on which Cucurella stops and shoots with his right foot and hits Thibaut Courtois’s right hand completely. A decisive intervention from Real Madrid, the owner of the number 1, who keeps the distances wide.21:49

  • 45′ + 2′

    Bear whistle! The first half ends.21:49

  • The first half ends after 2′ of extra time. The first half ended in a goalless draw, after a not-so-great start to the match from both sides. Possession tilts slightly in favor of the visitors, who despite the favorable data are unable to score the opening goal, due to a complete woodwork by Rodrigo’s 21st-minute strike. Few chances in the first 45 minutes, but the most obvious is certainly the 46th-minute chance in favor of the Blues: in the end Cucurella received an assist from Reece James, but one-on-one with Courtois missed the right corner thanks to the decisive response from the Belgian goalkeeper. As for the competitive side, the match proved to be tidy with only two yellow cards in a row against Cucurella and Eder Militao.21:53

  • The difference in the locker room that could benefit from a 15-minute break, a completely different and more sparkling recovery is expected.21:54

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