James Webb, Stunning Images of Jupiter Captured by Telescope: Never Detailed

James Webb, Stunning Images of Jupiter Captured by Telescope: Never Detailed

The James Webb Telescope From NASAAnd the hex And CSA (Canadian Space Agency), the largest Canadian Space Agency ever, continues to provide clearer and more surprising images of what surrounds us in the universe. This time it’s your turn Jupiter: On July 27, thanks to the three infrared filters of the near-infrared camera (Nircam), The web telescope Take new photos Incredibly detailed from the giant planet, then reworked with the contribution of a young enthusiast in astronomy, Judy Schmidt. In the “Foreground” it is possible to see the bright authors above the poles and high fog, while in a wider field The rings of Jupiter and its two minor moons can be identifiedwhich stands out against the background of galaxies.

We’ve never seen Jupiter like this before – everything is so amazingAn astronomer from the University of California commented Emkey D Butterwho led scientific observations with Thierry FuchsParis Observatory. “We didn’t really expect it to be that good, frankly. It’s really unusual to be able to see details of Jupiter, its rings, its little moons, and even the galaxies in one image.” According to Fuchs, this is a file guide for The sensitivity and versatility of the NIRCam كاميراwhich “detects light waves, swirls in Jupiter’s atmosphere and at the same time captures the dark ring system, which is a million times weaker than the planet, as well as its moons Amalthea And the Adrastea, which have a diameter of about 200 and 20 kilometers, respectively. This single image summarizes all the science of our Jovian system software.

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Cover photo: NASA, ESA, and the Jupiter ERS team. Image processing by Ricardo Hueso (UPV/EHU) and Judy Schmidt

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