Milan, the market makes the difference: Jovic and Okafor are luxury, now you have to raise the level|Primapagina

Milan, the market makes the difference: Jovic and Okafor are luxury, now you have to raise the level|Primapagina

On an evening like the one we had yesterday at the Dacia Arena, talking about football comes second. We must start again from Maignan's words at the end of the match, from the stern condemnation of all forms of racism at Udinese to the solidarity between the players. It's a real shame he got bigger because the Udinese-Milan team had so much football. Especially for the Devil who goes home with the three points and a stronger awareness: The team is big and of excellent quality.

But what is the reserve – for 90 minutes the spirit of the Scudetto team returned. The person who benefited but did not fall is ready to rise before the decisive hook. It is not a coincidence that the winning goal was scored by Swiss international Okafor: the fourth goal in the tournament despite not participating in the start, and all of this coincided with Milan’s victories. Noah is a luxury the Rossoneri can afford now, so fifteen million is certainly well spent. Even Luka Jovic arrived on a free without great expectations. Serious look, head down and a lot of work to get back to where it was three years ago. Yesterday he scored another goal that weighs like a rock and now he must continue like this until renewal at the end of the season is a foregone conclusion. The third scorer for the Rossoneri was Loftus Cech, in what appears to be just a coincidence. The Englishman has returned to his level and his understanding with his teammates is increasing match after match. If three pieces of evidence prove this, we can safely confirm the quality of the market that has brought with it many solutions and a greater number of goals and assists.

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More can be done – Milan is thinking game by game and cannot do otherwise given the huge gap between Inter and the leaders. But with these good substitutes (don't call them reserves) and the team spirit that seemed to be lost in Reggio Emilia against Sassuolo two years ago, they can now raise the bar. An attacking unit made up of Pulisic, Leao, Giroud, Jovic, Okafor and Chukwueze deserves the championship..

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