Euro 2024, Spain beat Georgia 4-1 to reach quarter-finals against Germany

Euro 2024, Spain beat Georgia 4-1 to reach quarter-finals against Germany

the Georgia By Willy Sagnol A bit scary Spain By Luis de la Fuente, who eventually deservedly snatched a ticket to the quarter-finals of Euro 2024. After 15 minutes of absolute dominance by the Iberians, instead, the Georgians took a surprise lead with a bizarre own goal. From Le Normand, who in his attempt to anticipate Kvaratskhelia hit his goal with the innocent Unai Simon in disbelief. The Red Furies were not discouraged and found their first equaliser at the end of the first half with a wonderful shot from Rodri’s left foot, surgically into the corner, then spread in the second half. Fabián Ruiz’s header in the 51st minute after an assist from Yamal made it 2-1, while Nico Williams’s wonderful goal, and Dani Olmo’s goal in the final made it 4-1. The Red Furies suffered their fair share against a well-organised Georgian side who tried to play openly and with their cards at their disposal.

What makes the difference, in addition to experience, is also the technical level that is greatly preferred by the Spanish national team, which achieved its fourth victory in this European Championship after its victory over Croatia. Italy And Albania. In the quarter-finals, Luis de la Fuente’s team will face the hosts Germany, led by Julian Nagelsmann, and the match will be played on Friday, July 5 in Stuttgart. The semi-finals of Euro 2024 are now up for grabs, and the two teams that have performed much better among the big teams will face each other, with the Iberians initially slightly favored in terms of technique and game perspective compared to Germany, who will instead play. On their side is the fact of playing at home. Nine goals have been scored and only one conceded, and Spain wants to reach the final of this European Championship: however, they will first have to overcome the German wall and it will not be easy at all for De la Fuente’s men.

Match Report

the other half

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The End – It ends here! Spain wins 4-1 and qualifies for the Euro 2024 quarter-finals

90′ – There will be three minutes of extra time!

89′ – Neco Williams closes in on goal again! Georgian defence rejects

83′ – Great! 4-1! Dani Olmo plays the ball, moves it from right to left, and shoots the ball past the Georgian goalkeeper with an accurate shot

80′ – Yamal is close to 4-1! Mamardashvili is still very good

79′ – Georgia’s last two changes: Gvlisiani out, Zizivadze and Kvikveskiri in

75′ – Here the score is 3-1 for Spain! Neco Williams scores the first goal in this European Championship! A wonderful personal move by the Athletic Bilbao striker. He aims at the opponent and easily passes him, then hits Mamardashvili with his right foot! 3-1 Spain

74′ – Spain make it 3-1 thanks to an own goal from Yamal’s cross: everything stops due to a VAR check for an offside position for Yamal. Cancelled

71′ – Devitashvili was booked

68′ – Great opener from Kvara to the newly introduced Tsitishvili who instead of being placed in the middle takes off!

66′ – Double substitution also in Spain: Morata out boring and Cucurella down for Oyarzabal and Grimaldo

64′ – Double substitution in Georgia, with the exit of Lukoshvili and Chakvetadze, and the exit of Tsitashvili and Davitashvili

63′ – A huge mistake from Kokhorashvili who sends Yamal into the penalty area: the young striker misses the ball with the kick from an excellent position

59′ – Yamal signals his opponent and is surrounded

56′ – You have penances! Morata loses the ball and Georgia starts again with the Napoli player aiming at the goal, missing a brace, but then closing it with Carvajal’s return.

52′ – Changes in Spain: Pedri leaves, Dani Olmo enters

51′ – Yamal shot: Mamardashvili flies and blocks! The action continues with Yamal who puts it in the middle for Ruiz who fires it home!

50′ – A dangerous free kick from the edge of the penalty area for Spain

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48′ – Kvaratskhelia scores the best goal from midfield! Spain lose the ball and Georgia start again with the Napoli player who sees Simon outside the posts just before midfield and tries with his left foot: a thrill for the Iberians and the ball goes out with a header.

47′ – Spain still on the offensive: Georgia defends with order

46′ – There are no changes for both national teams.

– Let’s start again!

First half

You – The exciting first half ends here! 1-1 in Cologne. See you soon for your recovery.

45′ – There will be two minutes of extra time.

44′ – Morata fouls Lukoshvili, yellow card for former Juventus striker

41′ – Georgia is injured and forced to make a substitution: Ketishvili is out and Altunashvili is in

40 – Normal goal! 1-1!

39′ – Spain equalise! Rodri! Neco Williams sends Rodri through who beats Mamardashvili with his left foot! Williams’ early positions need to be assessed and then Morata who lines up Rodri’s shot!

38′ – Pedri serves Neco Williams very well and he shoots: Mamardashvili saves!

35′ – Mamardashvili is still alert to Cucurella’s left-footed shot from outside the area.

34′ – Another counterattack for Georgia and the first corner of the match for the national team coached by Sagnol

31′ – Mikautadze loses everything! Georgia resumes work with the player owned by Ajax who is selfish and instead of sending Kafara into the penalty area he tries to dribble on Lou Norman and then lets himself go down: it’s all right, that’s right, according to the referee

30′ – Spain is pressing but Georgia is now brave and playing openly and on the counter-attack. Kvaratskhelia begins the counterattack but then the Iberians close in on him

25′ – A mistake from Morata while retreating… he is the big absentee in the first 25 minutes of the Spain match

22′ – Rodri serves Fabian Ruiz who shoots the ball: he prevents the alert Mamardashvili from falling to the ground

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20′ – The surprise goal galvanized Georgia and now they have more courage

18′- Surprisingly Georgia took the initiative in the first rush! Kvaratskhelia switches the play for Kakabadze who puts him in the middle: Le Normand, waiting for the Napoli player to enter his goal!

13′- Yamal bowls to Pedri who kicks a teammate who goes to shoot: Banned. The action continues and Spain wins another corner

12′- In the midst of Spain’s movement, the ball reaches Williams, who doesn’t think twice and fires the ball in, which is deflected into a corner kick.

11′- Carvajal advances! Mamardashvili saves everything and then the defense goes to the corner again

10′- Iberian Press: Fabian Ruiz gets another corner

08′- Cucurella reaches back and puts him in the middle: corner for the Red Furies

07′ – Georgia tries to relax with a counterattack: but everything stops due to an attacking error on Cucurella

05′ – A treacherous ball into the Georgian penalty area from Pedri, who manages to touch the ball with his tip: Mamardashvili saves it

02′ – The Spanish team immediately posed a threat, as it freed the Georgian defense with two attempts, first by Morata and then by Fabian Ruiz

01′ – The first ball played by Spain

– We’re gone!


Spain: Unai Simon, Carvajal (81′ Jesus Navas), Le Normand, Laporte, Cucurella (66′ Grimaldo), Pedri (52′ Dani Olmo), Rodri, Fabian Ruiz (81′ Merino), Yamal, Morata (66′ Oyarzabal). , Nico Williams. Technical Commissioner Luis de la Fuente

Georgia: Mamardashvili; Gviliciani (79′ Kvekviskeri), Kashia, Dvali; Kakabadze, Ketishvili (41′ Altunashvili), Chakvetadze (64′ Tsitishvili), Koshorashvili, Lukoshvili (64′ Davitashvili), Mikautadze (79′ Zivzivadze), Kvaratskhelia Commissario-Technico: Willy Sagnol.

Signs: 18′ Lou Normand (C), 39′ Rodri (S), 51′ Fabian Ruiz (S), 75′ Nico Williams (S), 83′ Dani Olmo (S)

to caution: Murata (S), Davitashvili (G)

to rule: François Leixer (France)

stadium: RheinEnergyStadion (Cologne)

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