What the Polish Academy of Sciences says

What the Polish Academy of Sciences says

According to the Polish Academy of Sciences, cats should be considered invasive and at the same time also a dangerous species. Hence the citizens asked to keep the felines in their homes and not to allow them to leave their homes. Measure that she was already going to marry Iceland and soon, it seems, the United States as well.

Polish Academy of Sciences, in Polandthat would prove that I the cats It is considered a species invasive And the dangerous. This would lead to run restrictions To keep felines indoors and not allow them to come into contact with the outside and other potentially fatal species.

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This conclusion, and the consequent analogy, arose from Scientific Investigations This confirms the potential risks arising from the presence of cats in the wild. This restriction has already been followed beforeIceland as well United States of America They are considering the possible implementation of this procedure.

What makes cats dangerous?

Charming, shy, but also very skilled Predators. It would be this last feature that would have convinced the Polish Academy of Sciences to declare cats a dangerous species. Indeed, in Poland, it was possible to include cats in a list “Invasive speciesAccording to Polish experts (but not only), these animals should live only indoors. Decision that classification It has to do with the fact that cats (even small ones) are able to kill more than 2 billion birds Every year, increaseextinction 63 different types. Thus, there is a tangible danger to many species, which has convinced Poland to implement restrictions in favor of many organisms that risk disappearing from the planet forever.

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From what has been learned, Poland is not the only country that applies this restriction. In fact, he writes I readIn some Icelandic cities, cats are forced to respectcurfewIn fact, the decision is based on scientific evidence, a study showed that the hunt By domestic species it is harmful to many birds. However, it must be clarified that domestic cats hunt secretly from their owners who, therefore, cannot prevent the fact by not realizing it. The research could have included the use of small cameras to monitor the cats. The discovery is that cats killed many birds but only brought home 20%. Therefore, the United States will also act in the same wake as Poland and Iceland. The goal is Raising Awareness there PopulationDetection of potential risks to the ecosystem. It is therefore not intended to demonize nature micibut ask owners to take precautionary measures.

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