“We treat our patients from Covid and panic”

The Covid home care committee This afternoon in Piazza Duomo, in Reggio Calabria, the citizens of Calabria who took part in the event met “Regional health care and early home remedies‘, his photos appear in the sliding gallery at the top accompanying the article. Panel created by attorney Eric Grimaldi It is made up of many doctors who in the first two years of the epidemic supported, cared for and treated many patients throughout Italy, and who had contact with them privately from a distance, including through social media.

This evening, in particular, it was the referring doctors who were Doctor. Nino Pignataro, Reggio Calabria, and Doctor. Salvatore Totaro, Messina, which united the strait in a virtual bridge of humanity and science. Totaro, in particular, emphasized in an interview with the local newspaper StrettoWeb, how “thanks to the autopsy results of colleagues who underwent secret autopsies,” the commission’s experts were able to understand what the virus actually causes in the human body. “In this way, we were able to carry out customized interventions with inexpensive medicines. Tachipirina, paracetamol and watchful waiting (Or the officially recommended two-year treatment for those sick with Covid, editor) All they do is allow the virus causing havoc to take advantage. We go to people’s homes to treat themDr. Totaro talked about vaccines, then explained that “Children should not be vaccinated, as they do not have any diseases or deaths in the event of infection with the Covid virus“.

They are pragmatic people, the doctors of the committee, and as Dr. Benataro explained “We do not give the water lord, but we have a moral duty to consider home remediesDoctors refer to the Hippocratic Oath, and cite it as a mantra:We have sworn to heal our patients“.

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During the evening, many recovered with home remedies, who spoke about their experience with Covid, highlighting the compassion of the doctors who successfully treated them, not only from a medical point of view, but also from a human and psychological point of view, including deepening their fears and vulnerabilities, and were able to Understand how to deal with all of them even on the human side. These are mostly people abandoned by family doctors, Asp and Usca.

But general practitioners also had a voice during this evening’s meeting. Dr.. Regina Annunziata stylo I intervened by specifying that not all family physicians abandon their patients, but that there are those who work in the manner best suited to a general practitioner. Dr. Stillo gave her testimony as a GP who treats patients personally even in the time of COVID. From this evening, she was invited to join the group of home remedies, which currently includes about 130 specialists.

Those who recovered tonight made it clear that the first obstacle they had to fight was panic, The anxiety attacks and the afraidAnd that the doctors were also psychologists with them. For many of them this fear was worse than the symptoms of Covid, which in many cases were minor symptoms of the flu, more or less severe. Among those who have been cured by home treatment doctors, there are also many who have been vaccinated, who in any case need their help. They pointed out that there is no type of vaccine among them, but they are all witnesses to the fact that the vaccine does not solve the problem, and that it is not fully immunized, which calls for treatment in case of infection.

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So fun then you get in Doctor. Vincenzo Caminetti, A famous anesthetist from Reggio, already wrote to Minister Speranza on March 7, 2020 explaining the importance of home remedies and still striving for these treatments as future prospects, not only for Covid but for many other diseases using today’s technologies that can be treated at home with greater benefits and comfort for doctors and patients , and avoiding nosocomial infections, is very prevalent in Italy. While many countries in the world are moving in this direction – explained Caminetti – Italy is at a standstill and even in the case of random hospitalizations for Covid.

Finally, on the sidelines of the meeting, an exciting spectacle that includes all sense of home remedies. A shy young woman approached Dr. Benatarro, only saying,I’m FrancescaThe two hugged for a long time and cried. Francesca, who knew Pignataro only from a distance when she recovered from Covid, addressed beautiful words to the doctor. Because these doctors do not ask for anything, they do everything for free for “.Expedition“Professional. In science and awareness.

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