Science to Address Bioethical Complexity – SRM Science and Religion in the Media

Science to Address Bioethical Complexity – SRM Science and Religion in the Media

Facing bioethical challenges, between science and complexity.

Human life and the planet are being shaped by biotechnology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence: we are witnessing a new technological revolution. Cutting-edge technologies allow humans to transform complex systems such as organisms and their ecosystems like never before. It speaks volumes The winged science of countering bioethical complexityby chemist Pierre Luigi Gentile.

These complex systems are masterpieces living that was not designed or built from scratch by any human being. And a crucial question arises spontaneously: is it always right and safe to do whatever technology allows us to do? Answering this difficult question is challenging. In this book, I offer a solution by combining my passion for studying complex systems with my Christian faith. By combining the science of complexity and the Christian message, one emerges winged sciencewhich can help address bioethical issues resulting from the new technological revolution.

Pier Luigi Gentile is Professor and Researcher in Physical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Perugia. His research and teaching activities focus on complex systems and complexity. It contributes to the development of an innovative chemical artificial intelligence – CAI. He is also the author of an interdisciplinary book on complex systems titled Untangling complex systems: a major challenge for science, the first edition of which was published by CRC Press (USA) in 2018. Gained work experience at many universities, including Harvard, Brandeis, and Bowling Green State University in the US, University College London in London, UK, and the University of Paul Sabatier-Toulouse III, France, and the European Laboratory for Nonlinear Spectroscopy in Florence and the University of Siena. Despite his passion for science, BL Gentile believed that science alone could not solve all human problems. Certain challenges, such as those related to bioethics, require the integration of science and other forms of knowledge.

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The Winged Science of Confronting Bioethical Complexity, Gemma Edisoni, Series: Miniere. 176 pages, ISBN: 978-88-31318-93-8.

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