“An amazing fusion of science and suspense.” Review by Alessandria Today

“An amazing fusion of science and suspense.”  Review by Alessandria Today

In his novel The Third Twin, Ken Follett takes us into a captivating world, suspended between science and suspense, where research into personality formation and behavioral differences between twins becomes the fulcrum of a complex and engaging plot.


The film’s events revolve around a young scientist who, while studying identical twins born to different mothers, finds herself trapped in a vortex of threats and attempts to hinder her. His research alarms a leading biogenetics company, bringing to light secret cloning experiments being conducted on unsuspecting human guinea pigs. The suspense increases when the involvement of one of the candidates for the presidency of the United States is discovered, taking the reader on a fascinating journey through political intrigue and scientific discoveries.

Follett manages to intertwine different narrative threads brilliantly, keeping the reader’s tension and interest high until the last page. The characters are well-defined and engaging, with a plot that develops at a rapid pace, offering developments that keep your attention.

The author demonstrates his ability to create an engaging atmosphere, skillfully blending complex scientific elements with an engaging and unexpected plot. Suspense is expertly dosed, maintaining the perfect balance between scientific and thriller components, giving the reader a compelling and stimulating experience.

“The Third Twin” by Ken Follett is a novel that dazzles from the first pages, and brilliantly combines science and suspense in an attractive and convincing mixture that captivates the reader until the last word.

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