If you’re an introvert, you’ve got one more thing: what the science is revealing

If you’re an introvert, you’ve got one more thing: what the science is revealing

Who says being introverted is a bad thing? Introverts, on the other hand, have superpowers.

Perhaps the most famous phrase from the movie Consequences of Love comes to mind, one of the most beautiful and intense among those directed by Paolo Sorrentino: “The shy notice everything, but they are too good not to notice.” Well, let’s talk about shy and introverted people: did you know they have a little something extra? We don’t say that, we say science.

Pictures of all the qualities of introverts: Ansa – Pontilenews.it

However, upon closer examination, introverts also cross the boundaries of shyness. They are people who know how to observe, not to show their emotions, but, nevertheless, they have qualities that are completely out of the ordinary. introverted It is not a weakness or a limitation, but a resource and gift. Let’s take a look at some of these gifts.

Introverts have something extra

Introverts tend to be self-sufficient. Precisely because they feel good about themselves and do not need to be surrounded by people to be happy, to have fun, to develop their interests. Introverted people are completely comfortable with their thoughts and daydreaming.

Introverted superpowers
Introverts are special people – Pontilenews.it

introverts, then, They are great listeners, know how to listen to what is said, but above all what is not said. They therefore pay close attention to the other person’s body language and emotions, and are able to recognize their feelings and reflect them with empathy and understanding.

Introverts are also Very creative: many of them are artists, musicians, people who know how to invent. They are also very ingenious, they know how to get out of difficult situations very well, and they know how to smooth out moments of great difficulty with a joke. Humor is a superpower because it makes even the toughest moments in life easier.

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introverts, then, It is mysterious and therefore fascinating. Just their ability to remain silent, to remain impassive, makes them mysterious, enigmatic, but at the same time, magnetic. Introverts are not obsessed with maintaining an active social media presence. They don’t feel the need to announce their plans online, and they don’t care whether or not others will approve of them.

in the end, Introverts know how to channel energy and spirituality in a positive way. In most cases, the preferred lifestyle of an introvert is similar to that of meditation. Most introverts are excellent observers who pay attention to detail, facial expressions, and body language, which helps them pick up on emotional and energy cues from others.

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