Choreographer Sadiq wins “You Deserve 2021” with his book Changing Geometry –

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The French dancer and artist has won a choreography inspired by the flight of birds to the small screen

Sadiq is the winner of the 2021 edition of “You deserve it” De Canal 5. A French-born dancer and choreographer persuaded the jury and audience of the show with his own style. “Geometrical variant”, or geometric choreography Made thanks to the engaging hypnotic soundtrack and harmony
movements Behind him is a group of dancers. He received a prize of 100,000 euros for the list of victories. At the end of the talent show – live – bring choreography to the small screen Inspired by the flight of birds, at the discretion of the jury (consisting of Rudy Zerbi, Maria De Filippi, Teo Mamukari and Jerry Scotti) and viewers who gave him a TV show. In the last version he was the magician and the imaginary Andrea Paris wins “Tù sì che vales” win

Sadiq (38% of the vote) won And in the final were pranksters Alessandro Parabiaghi (26%), young Cristian Saba (19%) and athlete Alessandro Mosca (17%). The French artist showed up from the start His talent and creativity. So much so that Maria de Filippi asserted at the end of her first show: “One of the most beautiful things I’ve seen; You are really beautiful, but it lacks your performance.” The choreographer is also a well-known and appreciated designer and illustrator on social networks. It was he, among other things, who prepared a dance show for the delivery Paralympic Games between Tokyo and Paris.

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