Juventus tension, Allegri infuriates the fans. Two more injuries

stress at home Juventus After defeat at home againstatalanta, Fifth in fourteen league games. Massimiliano Allegri, who left the stadium in the final, amid whistles a Allianz Stadium Angry, he has to deal with it Two more injuries.

Juventus-Atalanta, fans: Five under the curve

Juventus fans expressed their disappointment at the end of the match, many boos and the chorus “Get out of the team… We want 11 lions”. The fans also challenged the team in the first half and the time of substitutions. At the end of the game five players with their heads under the curve to apologize to the fans at the final whistle: team leaders, ie. Bonucci, Szczesny, Dybala, de Ligt e Cuadrado.

Juventus – Atalanta, Allegri’s words infuriate the fans

And the coach of the Bianconeri at Dazen expressed himself in the match: “Tonight was a performance similar to the performance of Roma with Lazio, Fiorentina, with Milan itself. Let’s say that We get a little use out of what we make. Tonight I think Atalanta shot too little on goal, I think Zapata made the only shot on our fault. And of course you have to score because the goal difference is what matters.”

Referee from Allegri He irritates fans on social media: “I have my ratings in the team, which I have great confidence in, they are men to whom absolutely nothing can be said after this performance. Quite the contrary. You just have to praise the boys. Then the rulings affect who speaks and who says.”

Allegri admitted the difficulties in front of goal:There was some concern, hastily. When you don’t score, there is concern. But the only thing we have to do is work, as we’ve always done, and try to win the game. We have to be realistic, at the moment we deserve this arrangement, the team, the coach and everything else.”

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Juventus – Atalanta: the conditions of Chiesa and McKinney

Juventus must also deal with two other injuries: whether that is the case Federico Chiesa, He is Weston McKinney They were forced out during the match. The former has a muscle problem in the crease of his left leg, while the American international has a knee sprain. Both will be evaluated in the coming days.


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