Verona, heart attack while trekking in the Andes: Stefano Cornella, professor from Villafranca who loves peaks, died

Verona, heart attack while trekking in the Andes: Stefano Cornella, professor from Villafranca who loves peaks, died

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Illness while climbing to the Peruvian Refuge, in Huascaran National Park. He was a teacher at ITI Anti, 63 years old, and had two passions: mountains and English football.

He said to his wife, “See you tomorrow.” Stephen Cornella, before embarking on a hike in the Andes without ever returning. Professor Mann At the age of 63, he fell ill while he was in Huascaran National Park in Peru.

Journey to the Andes and disease

He resides in Vilafranca de Verona and has done a great project with his wife, Luisa Tissot A journey to discover the longest mountain range in the world. The two arrived at their holiday destination in mid-July and In three weeks they piloted several expeditions to visit Machu Picchu and travel over 5000 meters on Mount Vinicunca. Stephen and Louise They were supposed to return to Italy at the beginning of August. But before leaving, On August 4, Cornella decided to make one last trip and reach the refuge of Peru At an altitude of 4670 meters in the Huascaran National Park. He had embarked on the journey With Andean Guide. Halfway through he said he was not feeling well and wanted to go back. almost He collapsed to the ground and died of a heart attack. Ash reached Italy on September 1 And funerals They will be celebrated Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 5th10.30 in the chapel of Madonna del Popolo Villafranca Verona. In addition to his wife, he also left behind his daughters Alicia and Francesca, his mother Aurelia, his sister Fulvia and many friends, colleagues, students and former students who remember him with great affection.

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School and teaching

“Stefano loved the mountains very much,” says the parish priest, Don Claudio Sacchiero. He was a good-natured, cheerful, cheerful person, always available even at school. Like his wife, he was a professor at the ITI Carlo Anti Institute in Villafranca and was very much loved by the students.”. Cornella was an engineer and remained so for thirty years Teacher At school Electronics and communications. “He was a really nice person, proactive, energetic and always smiling,” says Lia Artuso, school principal. No one ever complained about it. He was right and was always there for the school. He was also Head of Security, which is a demanding job in an organization like ours that includes many fields of study. I can only say good things about him. His absence is already noticeable even if the lessons have not yet begun. We miss him so much, our condolences.”

Travel to the summits and English football

Steven He was a frequent visitor to the DolomitesHe snowshoes and also does alpine skiing and trekking. “He trained every week, reaching higher peaks and taking increasingly difficult routes,” says the manager. He found in our school a group of classmates who were as passionate about the mountains as he was.” And indeed over the past 12 years Stefano and Luisa’s travels have taken them to different heights In the United States and several Latin American countries, including Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and this year Peru. They were on the Andes mountain range and on Laguna del Condor Cocha at an altitude of 5100 meters. Another great passion of Stefano was English football. One of his teammates fondly remembers his great support of his favorite team: West Ham of London. “Dear Stefano, death has snatched you from us, but your memory will always guide us – we read on ITI Carlo Anti -. The tenacity and sense of humor with which they faced life will serve as an example for us. You will live with us forever.”

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