Charles’ first “King’s Speech”, very different from Elisabetta’s –

Charles’ first “King’s Speech”, very different from Elisabetta’s –

From our correspondent
LONDON – A Speech Through His Teeth: King Charles has made his speech His first speech to the king, the King’s speech to the assembled Parliament, and heaven only knows what was really going through his head. Because the words the government put in his mouth collided with everything he had fought for his entire life.

It was a historic day at Westminster: The King’s first speech in more than seventy years. It was actually 1950 when George VI spoke in Parliament for the last time: the Queen’s Speech has since become permanent. Even last year, when Elizabeth was now incapacitated and it was Charles who said it for her, the crown on a pillow was there to remember the King’s presence.

Today this crown is on the head of Charles who entered Westminster Queen Camilla leads by the handThis is also a historic “first” that we have not seen in decades. As is known, De Re’s speech is in fact Written by the Prime Minister It works to clarify the government’s legislative agenda for the new parliamentary session: the king is only a “spokesman.” It is required to be neutral and unemotional.

We are used to this Elizabethwho over the years has read those newspapers in a firm and always equal voice, without betraying the slightest sentiment, whether of Tory or Labor government, Dr.And the programs of Winston Churchill or Tony Blair. But if we never know what she really thought about the late Queen – and she never let her opinions leak – On the contrary, Carlo’s opinions are known to everyone: As the Prince of Wales, he spoke on every topic, from architecture to genetically modified foods, to writing letters to ministers to try to influence them.

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The subject most dear to him, as we know, is the environment: but it is an essential step on the way Rishi Sunak, which the king was forced to read, was the green light for oil and gas exploration in the North Sea, something Charles had always opposed. All eyes were on the king to see if he would betray his thoughts with a grimace, a raised eyebrow, or a thoughtful pause: And when he read the paragraph on energy policy, He looked towards the Lords and Deputies Which can also appear veiled in doubts.

Throughout the speech, Carlo makes a clear effort to sound as impersonal as possible: but in his tone you can sense the weariness of someone who has to play a role he doesn’t really believe in. Shoulder spasms came to stress certain vertebraeAt other times, the sound seemed to be masked by a sigh.

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Yet mission accomplished, because that is the strength of the British constitutional monarchy: The king is the pinnacle of the institutional edificeThe Crown is part of the legislative process, along with the House of Commons and the Lords, but at the same time He does not interfere in politics, does not take the field. It is the “crown in Parliament”, an inextricable combination. And Charles, when he ascended the throne last year, immediately solemnly promised to “respect constitutional principles.” In whose name, Who knows how many frogs he will have to swallow.

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