He is the first of Indian origin – Corriere.it

He is the first of Indian origin – Corriere.it
From Luigi Ippolito

The big names side with the former chancellor who would become the leader of the Conservative Party today. Then pass to Downing Street

from nearby London

It was a tightrope battle fought until the last minute of the Downing Street conquest. But in the end Boris Johnson threw in the towel And the Rishi SunakFormer Finance Minister, Today he will elect a Conservative leader, thus becoming First British color show.

Johnson did everything in his power to give substance to his astonishing revenge: yesterday he was on the phone to rally support among his party’s deputies, and in the evening his supporters announced that they had reached the fateful threshold of a hundred signatures. So Sunak and Johnson had to go to the online poll among nearly 180,000 conservative members: In this case, there is little doubt that Boris would have won. The former prime minister is still very popular among the base, which did not absorb his expulsion last July and laments his charismatic personality, Especially after the failure of Liz Truss.

But, surprisingly, Johnson announced at the last minute his retirement from racing: I think I am in a good position to lead the Conservatives to victory in 2024 – he said -. I can confirm that I have crossed the 102 nomination threshold: there is a good chance that I will be successful in the election among the Conservative Party, and therefore I will be able to return to Downing Street on Friday. But over the past few days I have unfortunately come to the conclusion that this would not be the right thing to do: You cannot govern effectively unless you have a unified party in Parliament. I think I have a lot to offer, but I’m afraid this is not the time.

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So Johnson explains that he has taken a step back because he realizes his comeback It would plunge the party into a civil war: There were conservative entrants who had already announced that they were ready to tear the ticket so as not to serve under Boris.

Thus, former Chancellor Sunak, who has passed 150 nominations, will be automatically crowned today Party leader and prime minister. Historic event: The first time for a Prime Minister of Indian origin, the son of immigrants and dedicated to the Hindu religion.

Sunak is seen as a safe haven to get Britain out of the chaos in which it is being hunted: It was the challenger of Liz Truss During the summer they warned of the disastrous effects of the reckless tax cut that occurred on time. Sonak’s date will be a reassuring sign to the financial markets, which put London in the crossfire after Truss’s reckless financial maneuver.

But Sunak is still a controversial figureHe is also seen as a wealthy man out of the blue: after an impressive career in high finance, he lives in a stunning mansion surrounded by a private lake, which has earned him the nickname Maharaja of Yorkshire. Married to a very wealthy Indian heiress, it turns out she didn’t pay taxes in Britain thanks to a (legal) system of tax evasion: Their fortune was estimated at 800 million pounds sterling. This is the husband of King Charles and his wife Camilla. Too Rich To Be Prime Minister, Has Anyone Asked?

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