Putin warns that he is “prepared” for nuclear war

Putin warns that he is “prepared” for nuclear war

BarcelonaRussian President Vladimir Putin issued a new warning to the West on Wednesday and confirmed that he was “prepared” for nuclear war. Just two days before elections that would give him another six years in power, and with the war in Ukraine still ongoing, Putin wanted to present himself to his fellow citizens as a strong leader who was “ready” when the West decided to unleash him. Nuclear war. “They are developing all its components. So are we. But that does not mean, from my point of view, that they are ready to launch a nuclear war tomorrow. But if they want to do that, what will we do? We are.” Ready,” he said. In his speech in the Duma last February, Putin had already warned NATO of the danger of nuclear war.

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In an interview with Russian television and the state RIA news agency, Putin insisted that Russia was prepared “from a military technical point of view” for a possible nuclear war and that the weapon was “in a state of constant combat readiness.” In fact, he said it was “more modern” than any other power. . “Weapons are there to be used. We have our principles. […] We are ready to use weapons, any weapon, including the ones I mentioned, if it is related to the existence of the Russian state, or to compromise our sovereignty and independence.”

In the same interview, Putin also warned that he would deploy troops on the border with Finland, after that country and Sweden formalized their accession to NATO, a move the Russian leader described as “ridiculous.” “There were no problems. Now there will be problems. We will create the Leningrad Military District and concentrate military units there,” the Russian president said.

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Putin described the Nordic countries' decision to join NATO as “stupid.” He added, “We didn't even have forces there. We withdrew them all from the Russian-Finnish border. Why did they do that? That's what they decided. We didn't have forces there and now we will have these forces.” We did not have offensive systems and now they will appear. “And I think they benefited more from being neutral, because it is something that gives them certain advantages, at least as a negotiating platform to ease tensions in Europe itself.”

Meanwhile, European Union member states agreed, on Wednesday, to extend this year's aid budget for Ukraine by 5,000 million euros, as announced by the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell. “The message is clear: we will support Ukraine as much as it takes,” the Catalan leader wrote on Twitter. The United States also announced on Tuesday that it would send $300 million worth of weapons to Kiev, the first aid package since Washington announced last December that it had run out of money.

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