Tax Investigation, Trump Doesn’t Answer Questions – North America

Tax Investigation, Trump Doesn’t Answer Questions – North America

Donald Trump He left the New York City attorney general’s office after refusing to answer questions from attorney Letitia James as part of an investigation into his property. The former president did not answer the questions of several journalists who were waiting for him outside, but greeted the crowd on the street from the window of his car.

The former president announced in a memo that he would not answer questions “based on the rights granted by the US Constitution to every citizen” and then criticized the attorney general.

“I didn’t do anything wrong — I declare — which is why after five years of investigation, federal, state and local governments, along with fake news, haven’t found anything,” Trump says, according to James by launching a campaign trail. Against him, his family, and his community. Trump adds on the “politically motivated witch hunt”:

It is appealing the Fifth Amendment, which allows you not to testify against yourself with a New York attorney. “I was once asked: ‘If you are innocent why would you invoke the Fifth Amendment?’ Now I know the answer. Regarding, those were eliminated by an FBI raid two days before the filing. I have no other choice because the current administration and many prosecutors in this country have lost their morals and ethics,” he said.

USA, Trump arrives at the Attorney General’s offices in New York

The billionaire is under investigation for his companies, because he may have inflated the values ​​of his assets to get better financial conditions. “In New York City tonight. Tomorrow I will see the racist attorney general of New York, continuing the largest witch hunt in US history,” the former president commented on the Truth Social last night. “My big company and I are under attack from all sides. Banana Republic!”

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A potentially crucial turning point for judicial events that will concern Trump, which comes at a particularly sensitive moment for the businessman and former president of the United States after a few days of searching by the FBI at his Mar-a-Lago residence in search of documents that may have been Trump He had taken it with him after leaving the White House.

The former president has already in the past agreed to testify, but in this specific case he has repeatedly shown reluctance, The New York Times asserts, to the point where he has been able to delay the filing so far considered essential to the results of the inheritance investigations. The history of the billionaire and his family, specifically the family company, the well-known Trump Organization.

The FBI prevented Donald Trump’s employees and lawyers from approaching and witnessing the “Mar-a-Lago raid. Everyone was asked to leave the property,” the agents “wanted to be alone without a witness to find out what they were doing. They took, or, I hope not, present evidence.” Donald Trump says so. “Why did they insist that no one was present? There was no attack on Obama or Clinton despite their great differences,” he adds.

Among Trump’s supporters and allies, the Mar-a-Lago spy hypothesis is making its way. And here comes the belief that in the former president’s house there was a “traitor” who would have reported information to the FBI, and thus would be behind the attack of the FBI agents. They argue that the spy would have passed on to the FBI information and evidence about what was actually on Mar-a-Lago.

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Florida, Trump supporters gather outside his residence that was inspected by the FBI

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