Starfield: New Atlantis can be seen from the surroundings, exposing a lie about the game

Starfield: New Atlantis can be seen from the surroundings, exposing a lie about the game

with launch starfield A strange online competition has begun to discredit the game, as well as invent lies in order to discredit it, such as the one that Medina tells New Atlantis Separate from the surrounding tiles, that is, not integrated into its planet. In fact, this is not the case, as demonstrated by the user u/WhiteLight506 on Reddit, who posted pictures of the city, which are clearly visible from the nearby (normally inaccessible) areas.

You can see New Atlantis from the adjacent tiles
by U/White Light 506 in starfield

Note that u/WhiteLight506 used a trick to get there, but managed to show how New Atlantis is connected to the rest of the world. planet It is clearly recognizable, which a group of other users categorically wanted to deny.

So many prejudices about Starfield?

Is Starfield the subject of reckless attacks?

u/WhiteLight506 also pointed out that the planets are so big that in order to find New Atlantis he had to work hard, looking for them pixel by pixel on a mapto find the right tiles. Whatever the outcome, it leaves no room for doubt, and manifestly denies the assertions of the opposite sign, and is therefore wholly false. According to him, it was made by people who wasted no time checking what they were saying and decided to shoot the game anyway.

For the rest, we remind you that Starfield is available in early access for PC and Xbox Series X/S, for anyone who pre-ordered versions of $100 and up. September 6, 2023 will be the actual launch day and will also be available to Game Pass, PC and Xbox subscribers.

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