Project Anita Fidelis, the American delegation visits Cesena and other flooded cities in Romania

Project Anita Fidelis, the American delegation visits Cesena and other flooded cities in Romania

An American delegation from New York has arrived in Cesena to represent the American institutions participating in Anita Fidelis. The delegation was headed by Professor Lisa Serafini, President of the “Anita Fidelis Project in North America”, in addition to the Secretary-General of the Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (Osdia) and the Chancellor of the Garibaldi Meucci Museum in New York, and the Chancellor of Odia, Eric Scott Harrington, and it was received in the municipality by Deputy Mayor Cristian Castori in the presence Project authors Andrea Antonioli and Alessandro Ricci.

“Our municipality – Deputy Mayor Kasturi comments – joined the Anita Fidelis project in March of this year, during a corporate party attended by a Brazilian delegation made up of various mayors and authorities, mayors and Italian authorities. We are therefore pleased to renew this cooperation and to be able to host members of the American delegation In our city and, in general, in Romania.”

The meeting took place with the delegation of the United States on the emerging cooperation in connection with the “Anita Fidelis” project and on the relations between our city and Romania with Osdia, an institution spread throughout the North American continent, with millions of Italian members. Its origin is active in various sectors in the cultural and social fields, and its president is Dr. Biagio Isgro. In recent days, the delegation has visited the flood-affected places of Cesena and other cities in Romania, where a solidarity campaign is taking place aimed at raising funds for the flood-stricken population of Usdia. It is carried out in collaboration with the “Anita Fidelis” project.

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“We are really happy to have joined this important project – comments President Lisa Serafini – who values ​​women in all their forms and expressions. We are already working and we are honored to be guests of the municipalities of Romania devastated by the recent floods and, in particular, the guests of the municipal authorities of Cesena whom we thank for their hospitality On behalf of the American institutions that I represent… I am struck by the climate of optimism and great friendliness that surrounds this great social and cultural movement, the Anita Fidelis project, capable of spreading across the world to unite distant continents and bring solidarity and assistance even to municipalities in difficulty. It is A project that has a fundamental role and honors the city of Cesena with its enormous potential for simplicity and speed in the production of communication and the creation of a network of cooperation and related cultural, social, tourism, educational and economic activities between states, cities and other distant realities, in order to raise awareness and focus attention on fundamental and indispensable goals and values. For a better future, especially with regard to issues of solidarity between peoples, legitimacy, combating inequality, promoting women and combating violence, in the context of a world in which it is difficult to live, where murders of women and many violations against women occur.

On November 12 of last year, the “Anita Fidelis” project was inaugurated in New York, at the Garibaldi Meucci Museum in the presence of Professor Serafini herself, the New York consul, and the former president of Osedia with the American, Italian and Brazilian authorities and institutions, in the presence of the authors Antonioli and Grilli, followed by a large number of staff Including Alessandro and Maria Gabriela Boscaleone Ravizza Garibaldi, great-grandchildren of Menotti Garibaldi, eldest son of Giuseppe and Anita Garibaldi.

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